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My opinions , attitudes, ideas and views through a window on the world

By Watlingfen

An occasional comment based on items of news:

Updated September 6th 2015

More and More Silence

As yet another transmitter mast falls to the senseless 'planning' of the digital lobby who have become a sick army of isolationist determined on ending over 80 years of international border crossing radio listening so as to naively promote a potentially politically censored Internet - remember any state government can order an Internet Service Provider to block any web site not simply because it's obscene but because it simply speaks opposition to the regime - radio station jamming is far more difficult, expensive and obvious.

So the transmitter mast at Lopik (675kHz)in former perfect working order and covering radio sets in at least three countries - off air without a broadband subscription - was destroyed , yet another international voice silenced ostensibly to save some euros - but the real cost of this 'saving' is far more expensive in international influence and understanding. 

But did they try to save the mast at least until other use might have been found? - from the video it looked to be in good condition, surly if we have other protection/preservation associations we might have one for masts the decision to demolish this one seemed very rushed and poorly considered .
As said often before digital transmissions be they DAB , DAB+ or DRM are either very limited in range or in the case of DRM very 'messy' on what I call side splatter. The receivers are more expensive to run when we should be conserving power . To rely on Internet ISP's where governments have absolute local control politically and can order a site 'silenced' is naive of those promoting it's exclusive use as an international outlet.
FM analogue gives good quality stereo but it too is limited regionally - so AM analogue is the only answer and needs high well maintained masts .
We've had the expertise to build and maintain such as the Lopik mast for over 80 years and for those who still favour the EU, UN, NATO etc. 'Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation' - AM is the only way .
We should at least ensure a range of International AM transmitters 'round the world .
I honestly believe whilst not preventing all wars and disputes world radio has prevented miss-understandings between nations and races and digital means nations becoming insular against others - and there are many who would agree if £'s $s and  s and saving a few weren't the big brain deadener and short-sighted attitude of so called 'broadcast' companies these days who by their digitalism reduce their audiences and influence both at home and in other countries.
Some of this destruction has already taken place in the UK and Eire - I hope eventually , before it's too late, common sense will win and the great values of Long Wave to Short Wave AM analogue will be retained ...... but I fear the wrong people are making rather ignorant choices.

© 2015 BDXC Rog Parsons. Screenshot © 2015 YouTube GB

 May 2015


This letter has been sent to the so called BBC Trust after years of ignorance of millions of would-be cricket TV viewers being totally ignored - ok if they have money for expensive subscriptions to Sky on top of the annual compulsory TV licence to BBC of £145.50 then much the poorer they can watch through the commercials but surely with the excessive year-long football coverage a fair deal might be made for at least some cricket on BBC TV after decades of coverage from the late 1940's to the 1990s then nothing at all shame on a 'Trust' the veiwers can't trust!

Sir or Computer,
I realise I wont get a decent personalised reply - I doubt if this will even be read - but for years now the BBC so called 'Trust' (prior to that the Board of Directors - also on nice salaries) has failed the millions of viewers who would watch cricket and did watch the free-to-air (as long as you pay your compulsory £145.50 license!) on BBC2 and sometimes on BBC1 (rarely though) .
We are not only interested in the 'winter sports' of soccer and rugby union . We get Wimbledon Tennis each year (like it or not) and chaps earning loads playing golf . BBC covers the Olympics as a duty - so why NO CRICKET , the summer sport we invented gets coverage by law in Australia but NONE AT ALL in the UK .
In this house only BBC News is watched (now and then) so the compulsory (to BBC only) license is little short of legalised theft as BBC TV programmes slip to an all time low in quality especially at weekends.
We used to always watch Cricket especially Sunday county matches - now as often as not its more bloody football (no apology for expletive).
To plead poverty after the sums the BBC spends to cover football, football and football, golf, tennis, Olympics is a little economical with the truth you must admit and you've never asked the viewer if cricket should be ignored on BBC TV have you ?
I know you won't give a practical honest response like agreeing to cover some county games and/or minor counties so I'm going to write to David Cameron who himself is loosely quoted as thinking the BBC is up itself and not giving a fair go to viewers - even with 4 stations.
However, much better would be a statement of intent, long overdue, to cover at least some CRICKET matches on BBC TV . Sky has not got copyright on cricket TV coverage and the BBC looks foolish when C4 (before) and C5 even show 1 hour a day - only highlights, but even that's an hour more than your massive over funded corporation can be bothered to.
If I were stopped by an opinion polster and asked about the BBC I'd , with the above in mind, say scrap the compulsory license for poor service, close the BBC and and sell it off perhaps to ITV - and that's honest comment!
Put Cricket back on BBC TV , that might be a start - or in ten years the government will be asking why such as I complain so much but get only 'standard form' replies meaning they have been ignored.


And if you're wondering about the greeting .. almost immediately I received this ......what a give away !

"Thank you for your email to the BBC Trust.

Please note that whilst we read every email we are sent, unfortunately, due to the large amount of correspondence we receive, the BBC Trust cannot guarantee a personal reply in each case.

However, if you would like to make any general comments or ask a question about the BBC you can call BBC Information on 03700 100 222; textphone 03700 100 212.

If you would like to make a complaint, please go to the BBC's dedicated website for information on how to do so:

Kind regards
BBC Trust Unit


Diolch am eich e-bost at Ymddiriedolaeth y BBC.

Tra'n bod ni'n darllen pob e-bost a anfonir atom, nodwch os gwelwch yn dda na all Ymddiriedolaeth y BBC warantu ei fod yn ateb pob un yn bersonol gwaetha'r modd oherwydd swm sylweddol yr ohebiaeth yr ydym yn ei dderbyn.

Hefyd, os hoffech wneud sylwadau cyffredinol neu os ydych am ofyn cwestiwn am y BBC gallwch alw BBC Gwybodaeth ar 03703 500 700; ff?n testun 03700 100 212.

Os ydych am wneud cwyn ewch am wybodaeth at y safwe sydd wedi ei neilltuo yn benodol at hynny: "

Well I also sent my email to the Chair of the so called BBC Trust - I wonder if perhaps she'll answer ........... watch this space

19th April 2015


They are saying the ex-pats now living in Spain, Portugal , France - anywhere but the UK - will, with their votes, affect life in Britain after 7th May but why the hell should these continent based Anglos, Scots, Celts have even a vote in the UK General Election if they have chosen new homes and friends over in Europe where the land they live in was never part of the old British Empire and is not in the Commonwealth,sorry - but sod 'em . My own view is Commonwealth [until the 1960's known as the British Commonwealth]citizens/subjects yes but if you live in Spain etc, and have chosen to live outside the Commonwealth you vote for Spanish etc, M.Ps not UK - seems fair to me.

The thing to remember is the EU issue which forces immigration and green-field loss against what comes down to more and more badly planned but forced (by the EU tail wagging the UK Government dog) house building - which in a comparatively small island will mean we are not able to grow our own food on the level as in the 1990's let alone export any. None of the parties are dealing with this and debate audiences (based in cities) are ignoring it. One wonders what would happen if the same 'build houses everywhere EU policy were forced on France or Romania. The problem also is neither of the 'big two' parties want seriously to leave the EU and this really is the only way to realistically deal with immigration from Europe and what is becoming an almost imperial rule from Strasbourg and Brussels. Also bare in mind the Tory party hood-winked their coalition 'partners' in the referendum on a fairer electoral system spending far more on brain-washing voters against a proportional representation system - can we trust a major party that does that?


19th March 2015


In splendid businesslike logic only made possible by monopoly government interests in a newly privatised company - ROYAL MAIL - the cost of sending a letter in the UK because fewer and fewer are writing them as opposed to emails is to yet again increase , result even less people using pen , stationary and the ROYAL MAIL . What idiots make these stupid decisions !

March 2015


Blessing the well !

They reckon the skeleton found in a hole about 5 ft deep conveniently under a council owned car park in Leicester is king Richard 3rd the well known child killer etc, who was done in at the Battle of Bosworth Field 500 years ago by Henry Tudor (not personally). All good stuff for tourism for Leicester and the quite wrongly sited battle display centre.But is it true or 'cods wallop' , Sire me thinketh it be the latter ....

December 2014


In order to eliminate AM radio (Medium Wave, Long Wave, Short Wave)and ideally eventually Analogue FM radio in the UK, so poor quality DAB radio is forced upon us, the tax subsidised, license funded (yes both!) BBC local stations in the south of England and Humberside are being messed-up by so called 'trials' where listeners to AM (Medium Wave) transmissions are being in effect cut-off !

This after the BBC, Ofcom and a number of DAB radio importers failed to 'massage' listening figures to unsuccessful digital transmissions - where listeners in droves preferred normal radio .

It seems the advocates of digital inferior sound and limited stations muxes are never the less quite determined to force a rather naïve public into trying to receive a bit-stream of questionable use in many places, rather than provide a better coverage from decent range transmitters which have served us well for decades. It requires hundreds of smaller but more spurious radiation prone DAB senders nearer the ground - near work places and schools to equal one AM transmitter mast sighted safely on fields where EMF is much higher at top - but falls to safer limits near surface/ground - so the single Towers of Power are SAFER than the 20ft micro-masts spread all over towns and villages.

The single AM site at Droitwich covers England and Wales - it uses a lot of electric power but neither BBC or Government will tell us what the hundreds of DAB senders use - why the secret?

So this is what we get from your caring sharing senile 'Auntie':

BBC announcement of MW switch-off trial:

Date: 17.11.2014 Last updated: 17.11.2014 at 09.00
We are undertaking a trial of switching-off some BBC local radio medium wave transmitters. The BBC is required to make savings and one potential way to do this, and maintain value for money, is to switch off medium wave transmitters in those places where FM or digital radio coverage is also available.
Which Local BBC Radio services will be affected?

1st Phase
Recorded announcement: 17th November to 1st December.
Transmitter switched off: 1st December to 5th December.
BBC Radio Lancashire - Only Oxcliffe medium wave (1557kHz) affected. Listeners can re-tune to 104.5 FM. BBC Radio Lancashire is not available on digital radio in this area.
BBC Surrey - All medium wave affected. Listeners can re-tune to 104.6 FM in west Surrey and 104.0 FM in east Surrey. BBC Surrey is also available on digital radio; look for 'BBC Surrey' or 'BBCSurry'
BBC Sussex - All medium wave affected. Listeners can re-tune to 95.3 FM in Brighton and Worthing, 95.1 FM in Horsham, 104.5 FM in East Sussex, Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill, and 104.8 FM in the remainder of West Sussex. BBC Sussex is available on digital radio along the Sussex coast.
A list of the BBC's local radio stations can be found at
2nd Phase
Recorded announcement: 24th November to 8th December.
Off-air during the trial: 8th December to 12th December
BBC Radio Humberside - All medium wave affected. Listeners can re-tune to 95.9 FM or find 'BBC Humberside' or 'BBC Humb' on digital radio.
BBC Radio Wiltshire - All medium wave affected. Listeners can re-tune to FM: 103.6 in Swindon, 104.9 in Marlborough, 104.3 in Chippenham and West Wiltshire, and 103.5 in Salisbury and South Wiltshire. On digital radio, listeners in Swindon and Marlborough can find 'BBC Wilts (Swin)' and those in the west of the county should look for 'BBC Wiltshire'.
BBC Radio Devon - Only Torbay medium wave (1458kHz) affected. Most listeners can re-tune to 104.3 or 103.4 FM, although listeners nearer Exeter might find 95.8 FM or 990 medium-wave are better alternatives [990kHz Exeter has a significant coverage overlap with 1458kHz Torbay]. BBC Radio Devon is also available on digital radio.
Item from BDXC News ©BDXC 2014


Additional : The British Government still refuses to license Short-Wave International broadcasting stations/companies in UK and maintains the unfair BBC monopoly in this - Why ?

In May a new government will be elected in UK - BBC executives might just find the 'new lot' less amenable to deaf old 'Auntie' who expects listeners but hears not the words of complaints .

15th October 2014 (with update)


So on 27th October the sound of Eire RTE Radio 1 on 252 kHz goes silent in fact the last remaining radio station from the Republic will to all effects end because the famous Radio Eireann or Radio Athlone as it was for decades will no longer be receivable on a real radio anywhere outside Ireland so all the Irish folk living in England, Scotland or Wales or those living on the European Continent who have been lucky enough to hear from the Dublin studios will be forced to listen only to local stations as both BBC and the Voice Of America have already betrayed the interests of the ex-pat listeners by restricting severely or ending completely their Short-Wave transmissions.

Raidió Teilifís Éireann is by no means the only national broadcaster to become silent to the rest of the world - but it is rather more important than some and has a splendid history of informing and entertaining that the Irish should be proud of sending out at least to the rest of the British Isles.

AM (that is normal radio Long Wave, Medium Wave and Short Wave) has served the world for 80 years reliably without cables , modems, satellite dishes or listeners being restricted by the contradiction of Wi-Fi - all you needed was a transistor radio to hear signals/stations 1000's of miles away . FM/VHF may be in stereo but has very limited range , DAB sets drink battery power are heavy, often expensive and much more limited in reception of stations. So why are the 'powers that be' i.e. EU pushing this digital - well if the AM bands are gradually emptied the various governments can sell the frequency space for vast sums to commercial users - no benefit to us the public.

The very serious downside is the inability to listen to stations from other countries , news, opinions of other nations which from the 1930's until three or four years ago we could , freely in our own homes or cars - now with the AM transmitters being closed by rather ignorant managers/controllers/governments we are in fact worse off for radio than in the 1960's and 70's.

I can recall government ministers bitterly criticizing Russia , East Germany and China for jamming signals of BBC World Service as 'restricting the rights of listeners' - but by forcing 'new technology' on us in the UK & Eire which restricts transmissions these government ministers are doing far worse - as are those at RTE by closing their long wave AM transmitter.

The sickening ignorance shown towards many overseas and over border listeners by broadcasters and increased reliance on all things digital - regardless of restriction of range and facilities means we are today as regards real radio far worse off than in the 1930's depression when jobs were scarce but the use of the 'never never' 'pay as you listen' being a sales gambit of the wireless shop or 'talley man' and electric mains was cheaper - though HT/LT batteries a weight but we could hear (as recorded in such as 'Popular Wireless' ) stations from all over the globe - we may not have understood their language but that was half the fun and it seemed even small countries had an overseas service in English which a wire from a tree in the garden often picked-up , no cable under the pavement, reliance on telephone connection or dish.

The USA President Mr Obama is right that not by arms alone will we win the war against extremist organisations in the Middle East and prevent more miss-informed or seeking excuse by criminal intent joining them - so why are the international radio stations which might help being silenced by miss-used technology - not radio signal jamming - but the actual transmissions being ended by broadcasters who could play an important part in positive propaganda , why doesn't the UN and NATO increase broadcasts to normal transistor radio users in AM using wavelengths from Short to Long and if decent stations in peace loving countries can't fund the broadcasts why not such as the EU with its € millions help. This is not the time for isolationism of the airwaves by DAB , DAB+ or DRM which is impractical and expensive to listeners as would be Internet which many of those in third world countries can only dream of while in reality small children live in squalor hiding from vicious killers who claim ironically to support religion whilst slaughtering the innocent.

However, if the cheap ordinary AM radios can 'speak' words of hope sent from all over the world from the towers which have served our world for 80 years then the despair may be eased the real hope can then return.

Since this item was written the closing of the 252 kHz long wave AM analogue transmitter of RTE Radio 1 has been deferred until January 19th 2015 - not a saving of the transmitter more a small stay of execution before Eire becomes isolated from the rest of the British Isles.


19th September 2014


I was all for the Scots having their future, their country , in their hands again after 300 years - it would have been hard for a start, but really worth the yoke of Whitehall being removed. I really wished England could have Independence from a corrupt and out of touch Westminster and maybe, if they wanted it, Wales too. However, the Scots had a golden opportunity but rather cowardly chose to continue to take their orders from London not Edinburgh .

O.K. they had their chance - now they are back in limbo so by their own hand have put back the chains of external government.

The M.P's representing Scotland should now resign from the government in England (as was SNP Policy if they voted 'Yes' for Independence) - no preferencial treatment of taxation for Scotland, no special subsidising of the Health Service by England to help Scotland .

Now England and Wales M.Ps only should be allowed to vote on England and Wales matters .

I, for one have lost all respect for a nation having no respect for itself!

26th August 2014


China 1 - Rest Of The World 0

. It beggars belief that whilst BBC is jammed in China, Ofcom has no objection to Radio Beijing being actually broadcast in FM/VHF in London and even by a former WS short wave transmitter in the south of England - 'two faced radio' me thinks as WS on short wave or medium wave in England for Europe is , I believe no more , only the 198 kHz after Radio 4 close down is broadcast through the night and I wonder is this for such as French Insomniacs ?
I am talking about real radio here - not via Satellites at 13º or 28º East or street laid cable .
The truly shameful reduction in WS and VOA (and jamming in PRC) compared with the increase in coverage from Peking is hardly 'balanced' - recalling the 'cold war' of the 1960's even with Radio Moscow being receivable on a sort bit of wet string - it's transmitters were so powerful - the BBC WS and VOA balanced the pro-communist from the eastern-bloc with posh 'This is London' and the 'News in special inglish' .
Yet today whilst Auntie BBC and Uncle Sam close outlets on medium and short wave and red China gets more deals to re-transmit from the UK the British Government/Ofcom still refuses to licence any (non BBC) British radio company to broadcast internationally on short wave!

14th July 2014

Right England have again proved they can't play football (soccer if you're American) David Camoron knows sod all about football - what do they play at Eton School ('beat the fag'?)- but if he and Norman - uw sorry - Nick Clegg had any balls at all they'd insist there was - even by law - some live coverage of Cricket on BBC TV or refuse to renew the Royal Charter . It's disgusting that out of all the sports only Cricket is no longer covered by the corporation on television (even with 4 stations) we are forced to pay £145.50 each year and when you actually get to speak to a BBC person they come out with the silliest of excuses for paying our licence money to football, tennis, the olympics , horse shows, skiing , golf , horse racing , snooker - but not one cricket match , come on, surely the county games could be covered even if Sky outbid BBC (thats if BBC even bid!)to the Test Matches.




11th July 2014


Politicians know nothing about broadcasting and prove it daily in supporting the digital age of broadcasting where quite regularly we must reset our set-top Freeview TV boxes or pay Sky or Virgin extortionate subscriptions for satellite (where heavy rain causes loss of signal or regular street re-cabling loss of so called -on demand' resulting in captions not programmes!). Radio has become a mockery in UK where the Medium Wave is used and abused by dim football phone-ins or Indian songs - the odd low power local station if you're lucky. This, because those in charge are board-room boys not technically informed and simply never listen to radio or those who would once have enjoyed it. The other day it was the turn again of the House of Lords to debate such as the BBC Word Service which in the 1960's whilst Voice of America and Radio Moscow spouted right and far-left politics actually did rather better by entertaining those abroad as well as informing them with first class drama and humour such as 'My Word' 'Just A Minute' and 'The Petticoat Line' then came the influence of government that the WS became a rather straight laced and boring 'news service' and all joy with information became a stream of news followed by news feature followed by news . As well as this the BBC closed short-wave transmitters all over the globe expecting local stations to 'carry' the WS on FM/VHF - 'Auntie' even closed her high power Medium Wave transmitter .

We all know why Marks & Spencer profits dropped when it closed a number of stores - the same happened with listeners when BBC World Service could no longer be heard on cheap Short Wave radios - and you can't expect regimes who are not so pro British to allow local stations to broadcast BBC - now can you !

So the Lords' yesterday debated 'Britishness by Broadcasting' but do they realise whilst these ladies and gentlemen get their daily attendance fees and while M.Ps get their salary increases - whilst denying teachers, police, council workers theirs, the BBC because of a neat trick by the foreign office of stopping paying towards BBC overseas broadcasting and putting the burden on others the station with probably the greatest respect of listeners - now former listeners - is having to close facilities and sack transmitter staff - this didn't come out in the highlights of BBC Parliament coverage of the debate.I watched a lot of these highlights but I was depressed by the lack of any technical knowledge or reference to short-wave also the vague 'thank God the WS is still British' general attitude overshadowing any suggestion the foreign office rather dropped the BBC in 'it' by the cop-out whereby they no longer paid for it (WS) but expected the license payer to whilst the government retained an overlooking role!
Perhaps if the governments 'baby' - the continued 'roll-out' of DAB to all those non-listeners - were funded by the coalition then 'Auntie' might be less strained at funding the WS , after all VOA and a number of other remaining 'international radio and TV broadcasting stations are still at least part-funded by governments.
I wonder what would happen if the BBC called the governments bluff and withdrew from the application for renewal of the charter, leaving the government in effect without any main national radio broadcaster or indeed any World Service radio or TV !

Not all progress really IS progress ......

10th June 2014


Well according to the media 'everyone loves the beautiful game' - so poor sods like me and a few possibly million others who are bored stiff watching over paid 'lionised' blokes who otherwise are a bit boring and dim on any other subject but kicking a ball around - have no chance of getting value from their compulsory £145.50 a year BBC TV licence (it goes all to the BBC to waste - commercial stations get not a penny of it though their programmes may be loads better.

Also the BBC thinks we love sitting wasting time watching two people hitting a ballover a net - that comes on TV as usual later each June like it or not because BBC are quite happy to spend loads of your licence £'s on Wimbledon.

Sport , all sport, should be kept to one or two special channels - not general service channels like BBC1 TV that way those not wanting to watch wall to wall football or tennis etc can continue enjoying normal programmes

Don't like football or tennis? - well there's a detective on BBC4 TV with bags of blood and sub-titles 'cause its in Swedish and on BBC2 TV Sir David is showing how in every country but UK birds and animals are being protected - nice.......

Abolish the UK television licence now - make the BBC work for a living !

13th May 2014


'BUILD HOUSES EVERYWHERE' policy continues and the sickening thing is it seems as soon as a borough reaches its 'required amount' the co-illusion government moves the goal posts and increases their demand .... these are not communities but dormitories, no public facilities like Community Centres or proper team-sport Playing Fields (token toddler play areas yes of about 20 metres/yards square) none of ANY of the parties speaking up for local communities and the current 'communities minister' doesn't even understand what a 'community' really is.

We are already importing by necessity record quantities of food - vegetables and fruit and by building over permanently and destroying 100's of acres of farm land bringing forward the day any sort of international crisis will starve us out - but who presently sitting in the House of Commons - or Lords seems to care a damn.

At the moment in England we're getting the EU elections rammed down our throats - as if we really care .. the result will be less than 33% actually bothering to vote and those for UKIP because we are sick of looking after EU immigrants who if they had any pride would stay in their own countries (some far larger than England or even the UK)and work to improve them.

Meanwhile particularly the Lib Dems say we'll sink without paying the £M's to the EU so that the EU can tell us what to do !

Up in Scotland the September vote for independence will - no matter the result - remind those in Whitehall they can't mess about by remote control from London let alone Brussels of Strasbourg - good luck to the Scots .

2nd April 2014


Sorry folks 50 years after Radio Caroline went on the air to challenge the established BBC monopoly whilst celebrations continue at various venues you wont find Radio Caroline anywhere on your transistor radio dial - but BBC remains not only on the Internet but FM radio , not only with 4 national radio stations, one specially for Scotland, One specially in Welsh , One specially for Northern Ireland and a multitude of local stations - the others rather poorly presented 'commercials' now owned and run by larger and larger commercial broadcast groups as regions (that's why they are boring) - not the local stations intended by the Act. Of cause we all know it was politicians mainly Tory (sitting on their hands) and Labour forced by anti-commercial radio and free enterprise dogma who cocked-up the radio station situation in the late 1960's but surely now Medium Wave has loads of French, German, Spanish stations whereas Britain uses the band as somewhere to have over-opinionated phone-ins and people playing Indian music and speaking often in Asian languages rather than encouraging commonwealth immigrants to learn English.

Personally I reckon part of the fault Radio Caroline is now fable more than fact and most folks would stick you out that 'Caroline ended in the late 60's is that the blessed army who still support the 'pirates' of the 60's and the personalities of the first British home-grown commercial radio system - now replaced by grotty sound alikes with no personality - at least over the air or should I say World Wide Web, is that present listeners don't listen to real radios but web-streams .

OK I listen a bit to Radio New Zealand Domestic from a web stream but only because the radio signal can't be heard in Western Australia let alone the other side of the globe !

But with Caroline, Radio London even the non-BBC Radio Scotland of the 1960's I could hear them on air straight from their ships transmitter mast and that was exciting! no so-called 'wire-less' broadband subscription or devices, no iplayer no pc - just a radio .

No, Radio Caroline dead in the 1960's lets not kid ourselves and all these on a nostalgia trip who'll have parties and reunions but who won't have demonstrations in London - like we did - because 'free radio' means nothing to a 30 something in 2014 - have buried it on the Internet .

R.I.P 'radio' Caroline


30th March 2014


After , they claim '12 years' with millions of users both home and industry using a computer operating that has become reliable and program friendly - unlike such as 'Vista' or even as yet Windows 7 or what Microsoft is 'pushing' but is largely untried and unwanted Windows 8 or 8.1

It seems the $ millions are not rolling into what was Mr Gates empire fast enough so with less than a months warning which is surely shameful they simply announce Looney Tunes style 'Thats All Folks' - no support no MS anti-virus updates either (if you can) upgrade to Windows 8.1 on 8th April or buy a new pc ! (Windows 7 not recommended as MS are talking of ending support for that in 2015 - yes, next year ! One concession Microsoft could afford to allow is the use of the same installation disc,license and key on 2 PCs instead of the mean policy of forcing folks to buy a new disc, license, key for each and every PC they own - if ever a nasty anti-customer idea was thought up by a firm it was that greedy grabbing idea.So thanks a bunch MS I hope a competitor buys your lousy mean company up and closes it!

1st March 2014

Whatever it is you want - you can't have it especially if you're Scottish !

Will the 'Colonial Government' here in British England (pause for posh Hurahh!)be forced to be less bloody-minded towards the Scots or will they , Camoron and Cleggie and our Ed be prepared for the rancor that will remain whether Scots vote Yes or No for independence from Whitehall , after all Scotland will, like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a number of other pats of the globe still be part of Queen Elizabeth's great kingdom. The 'United Kingdom' which is only 300years old which less than 100 years ago included the whole of Ireland and it could be said the same bloody-mindedness to the Irish in Eire (no food to help them in famine but troops when they protested)forced a Republic as a necessity there. I'm proud to be English and being British means a lot to me that's also why I feel if any part of the British Isles seeks to govern itself totally I say not a bitter 'go then and be damned' as the so called UK Government seem to be saying, but 'Goodbye and Good Luck and if you need any help we'll be there as a friend' - not a mean grudging neighbour.

Speaking of Colonialism ........

1st March 2014

The Russians haven't quite learnt what Democracy means yet or they would let Ukraine sort itself out without invading - Mr Putin would look the part of a world leader if he acted the part . Ok America , UK and the 'allies' invaded Iraq and a number of countries with arguably little real improvement to their peoples quality of life, but if Russia withdrew these 'unmarked' troops rather than seeming to support a deposed Ukraine President who it seems lived in luxury off his nations back like the most autocratic monarch - and eastern Europe has seen a fair few of them - then Mr Putin and Russia would set a splendid example of reason and fairness - not the jackboot!

Please President Putin think again and help a country find peace.


Thursday November 26, 2015 14:25

Come on George - don't be childish!

I understand the Gods at Whitehall are again acting like children to the Scots by saying if Scotland votes for independence Scotland can't share the £ Sterling because Whitehall says so. Isn't this rather like the petulant selfish little boy who says to his play mates 'if I can't be batsman I'll take my bat and go home' - come on surely this show of immaturity by the so-called United Kingdom government hardly indicates statesmanship to a country when at the same time Cameron says how important Scotland is .....

Remember one of the better things Gordon Brown did when the Tories, Liberals and some Labour M.Ps were almost demanding going into the Euro shared by only 18 of the 28 EU countries and currently not well liked in both France and Germany was to stick to the £ Sterling - so why is Whitehall being so childish to Scotland who only wish to retain a currency used throughout Britain for centuries? The damage these idiots desperately trying to hold on to a country seeking freedom from such low mentality thinking will affect all of Britain and be a shot in the foot for such as pensions, investments , etc.

And ganging up to bully Scotland is going to loose votes for all three, at present, main parties as it shows the low intellect of what sort of men the Lib,Lab,Cons are proposing to put up for us to waste our votes on next May!

Of cause the £ Sterling should be retained in Scotland in all practical reasonable common sense.



A Government of Shame

The latest nasty childish outburst from the co-illusion government which tells us they cant afford benefits one week but after a quarter of southern England and north Wales is flooded partly because of the Chancellors tight-fistedness to the Environment Agency suddenly the Prime Minister says 'Money's no object' (lovely sound bite but not true as the most anyone will get for a ruined house and home is a means tested £5,000 which will also be balanced against any insurance pay-out . Walls , floors , furnature, electrics, drainage , gas pipes not to mention the sewerage costs will easily exceed £5,000.

Why aren't heads rolling of those , including the present Chancellor' who allowed this disasterous situation were hundreds of acres are now under feet of water . Oh yes we've had flooded fields before but in my life time its never been this bad so far inland. What really sickens me is no-one is taking personal responsibility for doing a bad job, no-one is admiting that with authority comes responsibility.

30th January 2014


The Global Radio group (who own Classic FM in UK) want to compete with the BBC's 'Five Live' news and comment radio station (693 and 909 kHz Medium Wave), but in what seems a really bad choice coming so soon after even the government was realistic enough to admit DAB radio has signally (no pun intended- or is it!) failed to achieve, over a decade, any sort of sales demand for DAB receivers (you can get one for a tenner at any car-boot sale then afford to bin it later) Global intend to put its new news/comment station on DAB only .

In the 1950 to 1990s ITN (Independent Television News) was easily a match for BBC TV News - but failed with its running TV news station to compete with BBC TV News or Sky TV News. TVAM also failed . These at least were available to a large audience , Global Radio Group know most listen to either AM ( Short to Long Wave) or FM (VHF) radio - so restricting their service to a proven FAILED platform (Dead And Buried) is simply plain stupid and shows little commercial spirit.

Is this yet another example of board room ignorance ......

26th January 2014


In the late 1980's to mid - 1990s before rabid Thatcherism struck England and Wales and need turned to greed , public duty to pocket profit our rivers were regularly dredged our Canals kept clear by public organisations whose chief officers had funding direct from government . Then it was decided to privatize everything regardless of little practicalities like ensuring water flowed along river banks - not over them into acres of farm fields, homes and villages. Recently - to a well managed extent - the Prime Minister has put on green wellies and visited the edges of the flooded lands in the West Country with his serious expression and claims of £millions being spent on flood prevention (he didn't have an answer to the 600 Environment Agency staff laid-off). Doesn't he realise proper maintenance and dredging of waterways is far more cost effective than flooded homes etc, where partly silted-up rivers have overflowed.

So the poor folk of particularly the Somerset Levels abandon their flooded homes the farmers are forced to pen cattle on the small areas where water is less deep and whilst the co-illusion government ministers say things are slightly better - to justify their salary rises - the ordinary people suffer .

WELL 2015 IS COMING and people remember complacent statements in warm dry Westminster.

6th January 2014



But only on their boring World Service radio - if you can find a transmission after all the closures. BBC World TV much the same with the odd foreign airline advert, as for 'entertainment' they bung on a car feature aimed at the BMW fan or similar and as there are no British cars now it can't even claim to promote export sales . 'Fluffy female items' would just about kill off the audience and send them to VOA TV or even DW-TV !
Come on auntie try broadcasting programmes listeners (male & female) and viewers find interesting and even entertaining not just war, civil war, suffering etc. - as for 'commercialising' - only if the TV (hidden radio) licence is first abolished.


Each time a politician - Prime Minister - Deputy Prime Minister - Chancellor of the Exchequer talks of making 'tough and painful desissions' - what bloody hypocracy !

I'm really sickened by well-off people (M.P's , M.E.Ps , Councillors, Company Execs, etc) telling much poorer folk of the need to cut budgets, show restraint in wage demands , reduce benefits to those who really need them (not just those on the 'make').
These M.P's are sick if they feel in any way justified regardless of party especially having given themselves (in effect) a hefty salary rise. Hospital staff, Police, Fire Services, Ambulance Services are all having to cut back or stop recruiting essential personnel whilst Cameron, Clegg and Miliband etc get a whacking great increase . If they had any respect they'd all refuse it and insist on it being shelved at least until the country was able to pay for the important life savers and peace keepers.


October 2013

DVLA (Hense the UK Government) Defrauding elderly motorists FACT!

In 1999 the UK Government introduced an amazing con trick called a 'Photo Card Driving Licence' and a fixed charge of £20 for renewal (of the photo card ?). At the same time the 'paper licence' was separated from the 'photo card' to deliberately confuse the issue. What was the licence payer really paying for - a Driving Licence or a 'Photo Card' ?

Ok , fine, it worked out to £2 a year for the normal 10 year period for - the photo card , confusing but reasonable if definately for ten years.

However, when the driver reaches a renewal date between age 60 and 70 - even 65 or older he/she is still charged £20 as if for 10 years - not for 5 years .

At age 70 the UK driver has to surrender his licence and from that age can only renew for 3 years at a time only subject to new medical conditions, this DVLA proudly state is uncharged. However as he/she will probably have been diddled out of the best part of £20 already this ' no charge' has already been covered.

Question is, if the driver 'pegs-out' before age 70 will DVLA pay back the difference to the late drivers estate?

This method of charging would be illegal if done by a private individual or company but it seems DVLA is above the law.

(for non-UK readers DVLA = Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency)

Post Script (1st November 2013) - I contacted DVLA twice and was treated with ignorance , my M.P . never got a reply from the Ministry of Transport either !

Roll on 2015 and we can clear this present co-illusion government out - mind you will the other lot be#any more honest ?

Friday 27th September 2013


Dave's, Ed's and Nick's idea of heaven - as long as they don't live there !

Britain's coalition government (Tories propped up by LibDems) and 'New' Labour want to cover the country with housing estates, presumably some will actually sell as the same government which cut housing benefits is paying out to help house buyers with their mortgages !


We are told that as the polar caps are melting more rapidly , forest and bush fires are more regularly occurring as are tidal waves , crops are failing more in Africa and flooding is a regular risk in India , Pakistan and Bangla Desh whilst building foundations are weakening through dry spells followed by wet spells far more serious than ever before - so once and for all man is by meddling slowly destroying parts of his planet .

A house produces at least 4 times as much heat than the equal green space, it's foundations even at 1 to 2 metres depth displace water the former green space absorbed and if farm land used for food production - a house therefore only produces heat which affects our atmosphere badly takes from 50% to 75% of the average income of a 4 person family.

Yet all three main parties keep saying we must reduce global warming in the same breath as they say we must build millions more houses - truly a major contradiction if one awful problem is partly caused by the other.


"Hello , at £2 a letter no-ones sending them so I'm off home"

Royal Mail is being flogged-off by a right-wing Tory government (never mind a so-call coalition we know the LibDems are not going to be in another government after their pathetic show in this one agreeing to policies they swore to oppose in the past - even M.Thatcher wouldn't 'privatize the Queens head'- ok so its going to be Royal Mail Ltd but will the laws preventing such as TNT and UPS running a letter mail service and allowing a Royal Mail monopoly be changed or removed from the statute books ?

When GPO Telephones (Post Office Telephones) was privatised as British Telecom other firms where prevented from installing a copper wire and 'telegraph' pole service - this monopoly remains only broken by cable telephones/television company Virgin using optical fibre cables - though BT have in the last few months even moved in on this having the cheek to say it's new implying they originated it !

Companies such as Diamond Cable were the first in England with optical fibre cable in the 1990's, later taken over by Cable & Wireless, Mercury and NTL before Sir Richard Branson bought out NTL and it joined his Virgin Media Ltd. However BT has kept a large share of the market simply because laws remain to give it some powers Virgin are kept out of.

My fear is the customer of Royal Mail (British Mail or whatever it changes it's name to after a French or German firm own it - which seems inevitable) will have a raw deal through increases of prices and no choice of whom supplies his postal services .


Sunday 15th September 2013


And of cause they'll be cheering themselves whilst ignoring reality as always .....

'BUILD EVERYWHERE HOUSES THAT PEOPLE CAN'T AFFORD' so the Tories , held up by it seems a more realistic but silent LibDems put tax payers money not into fiddling, loss making banks (as Mr Brown's Labour did) but helping mortgage payers in a similar state . Perhaps it's as well the confused coalition are flogging-off Royal Mail in case it makes a profit ! remember even the arch-privatiser Margaret Thatcher would not consider selling off Royal Mail and 'the Queen's picture'.

YES, BRITAIN IS 'A SMALL ISLAND NOBODY TAKES ANY NOTICE OF' - well the government doesn't or it wouldn't force local councils to fill productive farm fields with unaffordable empty houses ........

All three major parties have completely 'lost the script' and are sacrificing the agricultural industry by not controlling sensibly house building , abandoning 'green belt' town planning , allowing risks of floods by building houses on flood plains and completely failing to reason that the less we grow the more we have to pay increasing costs to import.

As for the politicians showing their ignorance, allowing EU to force more and more immigrants on us naïvely saying 'we must build more house - anywhere' regardless of the results these out of touch in Westminster simply have no clue and are too cozy to bother to find out.


August 15th 2013



We the poor bloody British are being conned rotten by the Con-servatives and Liberally hammered by the condescending Libdems for letting it happen whilst propping up David Cameron .

The Gas industry is allowed , through toothless watchdog officers on big salaries, to form illegal price fixing cartels.

Electricity is far higher priced than it costs to produce and distribute FACT yet no investigation...

Petrol duty is at an all time obscene high - in the USA they pay equiv. £2.29 a gallon, in UK £7.50 for a real gallon and this continuing rise in our petrol prices was begun by pricing in EU decreed litres (little over 2 pints) rather than imperial gallons, we gradually accepted it rather like a street sellers 'one for the price of two' deal to a passing mug.

The various governments have put up tax and duty on petrol despite knowing the result against a weaker pound and rising oil prices would increase also import prices and home production prices, affect jobs (put people out of work) and lower living standards and the quality of life - presumably M.P's expenses claims also went up !!

A MAJOR GOVERNMENT RIP-OFF of British motorists which in turn affects all prices because transport costs of products is incorporated in prices such as food and essential goods.

The government passes acts which create criminal laws - but it seems shows little morality when it rises duty to make people in the UK pay more than is fair or proper. Whats worse is that no party in parliament has the intention of putting this right - far from it, these well paid M.Ps - due for another £1000 rise soon - actually support their combined rip-off policy.

In 2015 you can vote out Dave, Nick, and that Labour chap all of whom support petrol tax and duty being increased which makes British companies loose orders to overseas producers with lower costs for fuel . This in turn puts British workers out of work and means therefore the British products they might have bought remain unsold. Of cause they might buy cheaper Chinese products .

Why are we supporting the Communist Chinese People's Republic - not the United Kingdom?

BRITAIN NEEDS FAR MORE BRITISH INDUSTRY PRODUCING FAR MORE BRITISH PRODUCTS not buying imported things or working in Britain for foreign companies WHICH IN TURN, if they hit euro-money problems,


Stop shaking hands with foreigners Dave and get us out of the strangling EU.

August 3rd 2013


Yet another daft idea from Mr Pickles' Dept.

Hot on the heels of a 'Localism' Act which gives nothing at all to local people and actually strengthens the grip of out of touch, often out of district/ward, Councillors over local decisions after allowing rather naive local groups of residents to waste their time setting up 'Neighbourhood Forums' whose submissions to local councils can (and will) be read, debated then refused as if the so called 'Localism Act 2011' were never there. Far more effective , if local affected residents would bother to get off their arses and form them and maintain them, are local Action Groups who demand their elected representatives, Councillors, M.Ps , M.E.P's do the jobs they were voted in for.............

Mr Pickles now wants to cock-up parking rules in our (UK) main streets by 'allowing 15 minutes parking on double yellow lines' (a double yellow line painted on the road just off the pavement in UK means NO PARKING at all , they are put there because entrances and exits to buildings (often essential for emergency vehicles) need to be kept clear ALL THE TIME. They also prevent important roads being part blocked by such as 'people carriers'. But obviously Mr Pickles pals of the Conservative Party have talked him into supporting the stupid idea which surely he and his co-illusion government must realise is just daft!

No body loves (or likes) Parking Wardens but lets have some sense.

4th July 2013


A Nasty bit of malware called Bizcoach is putting itself on p.c.s and then telling poor unsuspecting p.c. owner their 'media viewer' is needing updating , it seems neither Microsoft or Virgin Media know how to clear this virus so please be aware its vile, it's a fraud and nasty . Don't click where it says click, treat it with contempt and ignore it!

3rd July 2013


Tonight's BBC TV news was headed by the claim the new Chief of The Bank Of England was 'the first foreigner' to have the job , I don't expect too much accuracy from what passes as BBC TV News these days but respect for a fellow subject of Her Majesty The Queen of Canada one of the oldest members of the British Empire and later senior member of The Commonwealth , a country who adopted first the Union Flag before the Canadian Arms flag later Maple Leaf . A Country that was the first to stand by and send forces to defend Britain against the Nazis (Australia, New Zealand followed as soon as they could) . The BBC news editors are perhaps too young - obviously too immature to recognise that a Canadian is certainly not a foreigner in the UK.

These over paid pen pushers should liven their ideas up - or get more appropriate jobs .


MONEY the EU the EBU and Democracy lost

Greece loosing its state broadcasting service is only the continuing story of governments ignoring a very important need to communicate with their people and those people of other countries . Of cause there are non-state funded broadcasters but these radio and TV stations rely and respond to the interests of commercial factions which may fund political parties where balance may be sacrificed. I often criticise 'Auntie' BBC and object to the compulsory license of £144 a year but at least 'Auntie' has a go and 'bent' traders and doubtful acts by M.P's are brought to light on the air - though unlike such as ERT in Greece the BBC is not state owned but operates through a Royal Charter originating in the 1920's . This doesn't prevent certain meddling by government but means that the switching off of ERT or any similarly government controlled broadcaster cannot happen with the BBC without, I suggest, a very bloody fight in words if not with swords.

However, all over Europe countries have been switching off especially their international broadcasting on the radio and the feeble excuse is funding when €millions is wasted daily on the workings (or not) of their over manned governments and EU - this is something even the BBC , VOA, VOR and others should be ashamed of . Hiding behind the 'bugged to hell' Internet is not fair to the millions who relied on cheap short-wave radios to get unbiased news where their African or Asian station was blending fact with fiction to suite the regime.

The European Broadcasting Union does nothing to stop this crazy policy of silencing the air waves all over Europe.

I often quote the motto on the (original) BBC Broadcasting House 'Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation' - but if the words of peace cant be heard because of EU money meddling, the transmitter aerials being demolished in favour of Internet many cant ever afford, the politicians failing to recognise the obvious - that what the ordinary people hear - if fair - will affect their hearts and minds - bullets will kill them but I don't see countries reducing their armaments industries.

The countries closing radio and TV stations should look elsewhere to save money - TV stations 'going to black' radio stations where only a 'carrier' remains are ways of making even peaceful citizens angry yet even peace loving countries like Canada have closed down important transmitter sites!

What's wrong with 'bread and circuses' ?

Friday 7th June 2013


Latest stupidity being carried out for the EU in England is breeding millions of maggots fed on excrement in Yorkshire to feed cattle, sheep, pigs and even use as fish farm food !

To me the Dales of Yorkshire are as lovely in the sun as the Downs of Sussex - I've been happy in both places . I was born and lived most of my life in The Midlands , to me the artificial West Midlands (confusing because its a county and a 'region' containing much older established counties ) and East Midlands, including Lincolnshire (with a sea coast) after 100's years (why?) - Skegness in the East Midlands , bunkum - are the spoiling of a region by ignorant people in Whitehall who also 'devolved' the UK - and cocked that up too because they considered England needed no assembly or government but Scotland, Wales and Ulster did - we all know why that was - a large group of ex-public school boys many of which were solicitors or even trained barristers thought divide by four - get three bits ! (did they do maths at school?) This was at about the time the decimal coinage had ½p allegedly to keep prices 'fair' - you remember how they rocketed !!!
In no time a litre of petrol cost more than a pre-decimal gallon !
No, the EU hasn't got all the brain - dead commissioners .. just most

I doubt if I'll live to see an Assembly of England , I detest forms which don't allow me to state England or English rather than Britain British or UK, I'm English so I care about what goes on in England - that's why maggot farming in Yorkshire to feed cattle is a concern.

So once the risky business of breeding millions of maggots (imagine the plague of flies if these maggots get too warm and hatch - out) is completed, they are flown to Belgium (mashed up ??) as cattle food - these maggots had fed on excrement - the poor bloody cows eat the muck (is flavour added ?) so their guts could easily be infected , they are slaughtered and become steaks etc. which you eat - all fed on pure SHIT by EU plan !

They normally feed these animals on Soya, etc. but the excuse for using vile maggots is 'they are high in protein' (and probably make a bloody good profit too) - never mind the health hazards to the animals and the introduction of God knows what pollutants to the food chain , remember 'Mad Cow Disease'.

With the building of massive SUE's covering our fields with houses (Labour want to build even more - silly sods!), where cattle once grazed on good grass, because the EU say our little island must take more and more EU immigrants , the planned multi-million £ HS2 trains no ordinary travelers want, need - and the country can't afford if it's already cutting benefits to divorced single mums and reducing benefits if they have an 'unused bedroom' ( sic or sick!)

Because of the forgoing stupid policies of both the EU and Coalition I fancy UKIP will make a large hole in the vote in 2015 cause folks will vote (if they bother to vote at all - there was only 29.6% turn out in Leics for the County Council elections) simply out of protest or even anger.
but then there are loads of people who even if they were given much more localised rights to have their opinions heard wouldn't be bothered, as for the so called 'Localism Act 2011' one resident here summed it up, having heard just how little it would do - and how complicated it made things, as 'pure s**te!' , surely a contradiction in terms but a reasonably description never the less.

27th May 2013


A few years ago I had a long telephone chat with a good friend in London he was 'gay' but accepted that I wasn't , he was also rather racist strongly against immigration , loved cycling and lived , I gathered only from photographs alone in a lovely immaculately kept home in what was once known as Catford but with political correctness was no longer of that place name simply now 'East London'

He was essentially TT (didn't drink alcohol - much) and very opinionated , not keen on sport but loved beautiful great houses often visiting with friends . I suspect at one time in his life he had been rather 'involved' with a young lady - only to be rejected . That may have been in the 1960's when being keen on girls and blokes was not quite acceptable north of Watford - but a little freer in 'the smoke'.

Phil was very much into computers, computer programs and the bits inside, nothing pleased the chap more than hours spent in his retirement on rebuilding then programing a personal computer often when the device was declared 'dead' by the owner.

He lived alone by choice and though he was 'gay' and very fond of his friends he liked life his way and didn't even have a pet.

He died a few years ago but through the time I knew him - only through head and shoulder web cam and phone calls, he made it very clear that though the chance had come more than once he had no wish to co-habit with any of his London pals .

He considered 'gay marriage' a contradiction and firmly said 'if I wanted to marry anyone I'd find a woman' though he added ' I doubt if I'd be much good for her though .......'

I miss those phone chats even now and I miss his honesty and candeur.

Regrettably 'gay marriage' - not just a simple sensible legal single gender partnership has become a political stick and carrot used in England to get cheap support for the coalition government, why oh why couldn't the partners who want to pretend one is of opposite gender to the other just live and love together - not make a reasoned drama into a farce.

22nd May 2013

NICE TO BE BACK. In January due to a so called 'technician' deleting files he had no business to I found I was unable to update my site so it's been in limbo since the 1st of January - Sorry folks , but now I'm back .......


The Prime Minister, who believes Britain will sink if we leave the EU so takes his immigration orders from Brussels and while keeping down Australian and Indian (Commonwealth former Empire) immigration allows the flood of foreigners from Europe as ordered, so passes on orders to local councils and 'Planning Inspectors' to fill farm fields with houses , tarmac where green grass and hedgerows used to provide habitat for our wild animals , our bees die because of air pollution and birds aren't around to feed off the insects on our plants or vegetables. Are either the Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister at all concerned that over the past 50 years (since the 1960's) our wildlife has diminished by 64% and no sign of improvement whilst more and more finite countryside , agricultural land and even gardens and Parks are lost to brickwork.

Are those who regularly point out how they have to be able to take 'serious, bold, brave, painful' decisions actually on the same planet as us poor sods who have to put up with these stupid choices ?

NO WONDER TOURISM IN THE UK IS ALSO FAILING to provide jobs - because unless visitors (genuine holiday makers) really want to see miles of houses in awful housing estates they might as well stay home in their own country and keep their dollars .

November 2012


Since closing their international short wave transmitters three main broadcasting countries have held, in their country, 'Radio Days' or DX conferences , they , like it seems UK Prime Minister David Cameron think everyone has Internet and have no conscience about depriving millions of overseas listeners of a real radio service , their politicians are ignorantly wasting public money on other things , paying millions to keep the EU from sinking, but cutting a most important way to speak peace unto other nations through the radio air waves - shame on them.

Radio is still the cheapest, most reliable and effective way one nations peoples can speak to another, stop the bombs and rockets - start talking on the wireless!

5th November 2012


It's the laughing happy baby grown into the scawling ignorant monster which is ruled by executives who seem not to understand to close down transmitters from Hereford to Cyprus robing thousands of listeners of their radio service - simply based on cooked-up (or cocked-up) audience figures against 'cost saving' conflicts with a monopoly internation short-wave service under Royal Charter.

The BBC have a 'duty of care' to provide transmissions of wireless/radio under Royal Charter - this charter is based on a continued provision not one based on the whim of over paid executives 'cost cutting'.

Yet the same BBC is spending millions on DAB transitters to a small minority of listeners in UK regions and equaly unjustifiable sums on Internet and Satelitee to overseas were the poor are completely ignored by Peter Horrocks who obviously beleives everyone has mobile phones, internet etc.

In some of these countries people are struggling to keep fed so when their cheap sort-wave radio no longer has a BBC World Service because a middle class well fed but totally ignorant BBC executive in London decrees a 'cost cutting' procedure these people are cut-off.

So . if the BBC doesn't want to pay for a broadcast service so in all effect closes it then whats the point of the BBC itself continuing ?

Why should the licence payer (which all goes to the BBC) in Hereford continue to pay when robed of his reliable coverage local medium wave service so a most unpopular inefficient and even now obsolete 'digital' can be promoted in areas where hills and large steel framed buildings screen the signal out?

No, if the BBC see a logic in closing transmissions, withdrawing if effect the service then either the BBC licence should be reduced - we shouldn't have to pay for something we dont get - or more properly the time has come for the almighty BBC to be closed down in favour of franchaised companies and/or not for profit organisations thus saving us £140 compulsory licence fee a year.



7th September 2012

Might I mean The Prime Minister and his Deputy ?


Moving to more brainless degrees our co-illusion (coalition it surely cant be) government instead of promoting British engineering and British technology all they think we need is more house building taking up fields where crops could grow or livestock might provide our needs - no , it seems the so called 'developer' lobby of the tory party (and lib dems?) is too strong and England's 'green and pleasant land' is what we sing about but wont have any of soon if daffy dave and his pals continue their blinkered 'build everywhere regardless of whether ordinary , many unemployed, folks can afford the houses policy.

His latest lame brain idea is to abandon the requirement for 'affordable homes' in any development so only expensive unaffordable houses are built and as the density rule was allowed variation (more houses closer together) by John '2 Jags' Prestcot when the country was serving a sentence of 'hard labour' a couple of years back the combination of stupid old 'relaxation of restrictions' and illogical new 'relaxation of restrictions' adds up to a farcical mess of unrealistic thinking by men paid well by the people to think sensibly but acting as characters from Monty Python' or Black Adder !

I recommend Dave and Nick on their next 'silly walk' wear paper bags over their heads .

2nd September 2012

I like Sky TV but I object to its gate-crashing my site


The other day I visited all three of the web sites I take part in writing - in each case 2.5" boxes moved out from the right to declare various companies selling shirts to air flights, none of which I had requested to interfere with the sites or put their foot in the www door . Upon investigation I discovered it was Microsoft producing the advert nose-ins because cookies , very much like legalised viruses, had decided what my sites (or their visitors) wanted .

This seems to have been a nasty little inclusion in the latest Windows update which is not just restricted to Internet Explorer 9 but affects Firefox , Opera and other browsers ! So MS have , without telling me and a million or more others using Windows 7, slipped a nasty dll or such into my system to allow this noseying ...

Friends also report that MS Windows is inflicting changes never requested , wanted or willed for, so why is Microsoft bullying its customers?

If a double glazing salesman comes to my door and bothers to read the card clearly displayed he'll depart without bothering me ( I have 95% double glazing anyway) whilst the milkman , meter reader , postman are -as the card informs - welcome. Deliveries of stuff I've ordered are welcome but the rest are upsetting my right of privacy - as , I maintain, is Microsoft by inflicting adverts I never requested onto my web sites .

The 'cookie' law originated in USA - 'land of the free' (don't make me laugh) and if they want ads on their sites put on at will by Microsoft and others ok , enjoy, but I live in the United Kingdom and no foreign ruling should affect my rights of privacy and choice .

If the British government had the b***s it would outlaw cookies entirely in the UK and make it a legal duty of all UK servers to filter them out - the www doesn't need them to run - indeed when that Englishman working in Switzerland invented the World Wide Web for the Internet no such thing as 'cookies' existed. But then neither did Microsoft....

Come on Microsoft play the game - either stop this heavy handed practice or leave the show to Apple!


Stop the invading unwanted adverts now.

19th August 2012



In a move to disgust radio listeners from Liverpool, South East of England to the North Midlands the BBC - whose chairman assured listeners he was 'not abandoning' AM -Medium Wave or Long Wave (after he closed a number of short wave overseas transmitters) has broken his word; Four local radio stations have suddenly had their Medium Wave transmitters put onto 'tape loop' type continuous announcement telling listeners they can only hear the station on VHF/FM or DAB (so called Digital Audio Broadcasting or as many call it Dead And Buried because of its unreliability) . This means those on the edge of the reception area who relied on the Medium Wave transmissions are now thanks to BBC cack-handedness and ignorance without a local service.

Radio Kent, Radio Lincolnshire, Radio Merseyside, Radio Nottingham. are all now without Medium Wave programmes

We are advised by the BBC Engineering web site this is for a five week 'trial period'

'The aim of the trial is to get a better understanding of the impact of the loss of MW for our core listeners and also enable us to ensure adequate coverage is available on other platforms in these ....'

Presumably the whiz-kids at BBC Complaints will read all the feed-back have a good laugh and bin it having sent the usual general auto - response

BBC Engineering have been responsible for a lot of mis-calculation of area coverage both radio and TV in recent years indeed many of the transmitters were sold off - leased back and non-BBC staff replaced former Corporation workers. They (BBC) claimed 'it reduced costs'

Reduced costs, my ****!

We know a certain high government gentleman wants DAB rammed down our throats (has he got shares in the transmitter companies?) - but by and large DAB has been a resounding failure mainly because some sets cost a lot cheaper ones sound crappy and they all tend to cut out if the bit stream is blocked or lost!

In the UK allegedly the radio license was scraped in the 1970's - in fact most by then had TVs too so the radio fee was just added to the TV license so infact we paid more for our combined Radio/TV license than separately . We now pay £140 a year just to own a TV - even if its broken! - this all goes to the BBC and its debatably if 'Auntie' gives us a fair deal . But taking radio stations away from some listeners who've paid for the right to hear them is unfair and damnably undemocratic.



On 24th June Canada becomes silent to the world

One more voice of reason will not be heard over the airwaves again simply because of funding cuts and a government logic that beggars belief .

Just when the world really needs an international radio station that, through decades of extremist propaganda from elsewhere, has been a refuge for common sense and understanding Heritage Minister James More signs away RCI and commits all the good work the station has done, informing people in green field or dessert, to the flames of ignorance just to save dollars after 67 years .

Radio is expensive - but so is war - and for people overseas in countries where their own radio censors or distorts truth, Radio Canada was a signal of fairness that a great country could be proud of .

Canada, as my generation were tought, has a reputation of always, though never starting wars and international disputes, being ready as a nation to 'roll it's sleeves up' and dip in to help sort things out fairly and responsibly - this attitude was daily reflected on Radio Canada but now the 'on air' sign the 'Oh Canada' first bars of their national anthem will be silenced for ever by their own government.


Sunday June 3rd 2012


however ....



he was shocked by the 'P*** Off' (in French) Reaction - he kept quiet thereafter .

In almost every country in Africa where Monarchy has been abolished and so called 'independence' has freed the downtrodden masses a republic has followed then a political dictatorship - not 'Power to the People' , England was a 'republic' in Oliver Cromwells time and spent the most miserable 6 years of repression under a so called 'Peoples Parliament'. Free we were not .

I suggest those who really feel abolishing the Queen or King in favour of some so called 'republic' first come up with a better system of having a neutral constitutional head of state .

It's one thing to oppose the British Monarchy - quite another to suggest a system which is not far more expensive and complicated - as the USA system has to be - or doesn't create a far more unfair single person political dictator; Is the Peoples Republic of China a democracy where anyone can call the Prime Minister a prat (and not be locked up or shot) is Greece more stable , Russia, are the repressed masses of The Netherlands crying out for freedom from Monarchy under Queen Beatrix when as a fairly new Monarchy its people have done far better than the old Dutch Republic.

Honestly what are this republic mob really thinking - or is it based simply on personal envy of the Queens status and the mutual respect of her people which I beg to offer no president Cameron or Clegg could half replace.

No, these simple sods with 'Power to the people' on sticks (it was a good record of John Lennon's) are miss-led and confused, they should concentrate on political reform not abolishing and destroying a system above and apart from politics - a good system which unites not divides our country and its people subjects or citizens.


And Good Health Your Majesty

22nd January 2012


'Auction Sniping' being used on Ebay UK

Sorry but a fiddle is a fiddle and some bidders on Ebay are using special software to put in 'edge of time' biding to win items within a fraction of a second of closing whilst legitimate bidders are unprotected - Ebay should see to it that it's UK site protects fair bidders from this cheating, meanwhile until this site acts to protect fair trading my advice is to boycott Ebay, close your account and buy in your local town or county.

18th January 2012


First the barrels Then the books...


Surely no country on Earth is so powerful it can bully it's industry and that of other countries outside it's borders to prevent free trade in harmless goods?

Surely freedom, after all the wars bloodshed and suffering, should be held and defended by democratic governments - not exploited but certainly not restricted in the name of 'protection'.

During the last world war Nazi controlled Germany invaded neutral Norway 'to protect it from British invasion'.

In the 1950's when the tape recorder became cheaper to buy, kids connected it to their radios and taped record shows because it was cheaper than buying the discs at a shop , this was technically illegal copying but record sales rocketed despite or in spite of what may have been seen as no need to buy if the music was already on tape in listeners homes .

Right through to today this is happening - but sales of CDs are good and though movies can easily be VHS'd or DVD'd from TV it's better to have the film clear of commercials and inane announcers butt-ins.

You might download out-of-copyright material from the www but though sound isn't bad, vision quality varies a lot , nevertheless it's nice to re-live your childhood watching an old TV show of the 1950's or 60's which otherwise would not be available.

America used to brag about being 'land of the free' but now it seems it's going to be as 'free' as China or Iran - hardly examples of open minded , unrestricted society !

If the present Bills before the House of Representatives and Senate are passed it will mean that servers are closed down which have nothing to do with the USA so not only will American's suffer but Europeans, Australians, the UK etc. will have their rights of access taken away by the US Government.

Who needs Communism or radical extremist 'Moslemism'*....

Already Spain with a new inexperienced government has passed a law restricting Internet freedom based allegedly on 'anti-piracy' but actually restricting freedom of access in general .

The EU sits on it's hands .

The irony is these companies lobbying the rather naïve governments to restrict , close and punish those who 'feed' the Internet with copyrighted material often have limited production runs of CD's and DVD's so as to put the price up, they also delete or release DVD's only in some regions or macro encode again to make unfair profits. In any other industry this would be classed as a racket!

Come on - where does 'protectionism' meet restriction of trade or freedom of interest ?

When, in the USA will they again begin axing the barrels of whiskey?

* meant with no disrespect to proper Moslems.



1st January 2012

Happy New Year - but as things are don't bet on it .....

TIME FOR THE UNITED KINGDOM TO LEAVE THE SO CALLED EUROPEAN UNION which imposes rules on us and fails to give freedoms to ordinary folk , a 'Union' where the UK obeys the rules ordered through our government whilst other countries ignore them - latest is ruling on living space for battery hens where our 'coillusion' government enforce EU rules but other countries don't and profit by it - it's not democracy and unfair so our government should give us a referendum to see how our people feel - NOW

Sunday 11th December 2011

As the € sinks slowly in the Mediterranean....


UK Prime Minister David Cameron stood firm , didn't chicken out or sell out and what do we in the so called United Kingdom do -we (well our weasel press anyway) attack him for standing up for our interests . I was never a fan of the Tories and never a fan of Mr. Cameron's, but credit (no pun intended) where it's due . Had he took the cowards way out and linked arms with France, Der Fatherland and all in doing everything, changing everything, to save a discredited Euro at all costs including national independence then the same press would have then still attacked him - I think history in this case will prove him right.

Back in the 1960's the 'Common Market' and then European Economic Community were fine ideas and worked well but the recent 'one size fits all' treaties and creation of the EU and European Parliament have cost £Millions and taken away independent nations powers. As for the Euro currency it's been a 'fools gold' to nations like Eire and Greece and a 'millstone round the neck' of the German economy - how possibly can all this be justified?

The best new Treaty would be to go back to the late 1960's EEC; abolish the European Parliament, Euro Currency and concentrate on trading - not law making.

Wednesday 10th August 2011


In a world where the value of Credit for the US$ and € is item one on news programmes on TV / Radio and the famine / war in North Africa where children are dying in numbers every day is second or third item , in a country where court cases are still going on where Members of Parliament and County Council heads claimed £1000's for bogus expenses, in a world where big bonuses were paid to bankers who had actually lost £millions so much so as to make it necessary that governments had to bail these banks out with public tax payers money then later tell the same public to tighten their belts while sickening bonuses and pay-off pensions were still being paid to high bank officials, in a world where one particular newspaper empire financed lunches even holidays for 'certain politicians' so that international 'deals' went through for their 'pals' - we now wonder why kids and teenagers are rioting and looting shops , burning cars and ruining businesses in their very own community when we can no longer trust the people at the head of government because of their associations with 'doubtful people' - where are the heroes who aren't on the 'gravy train' where are the role models - who can these kids look up to when all they hear is gloom and doom , things will get better but not before they get worse higher taxes and living costs lower chances of jobs - go to university in debt, graduate with no real opportunity of a decent position so you can pay-off the uni - loan.

So what's the UK Prime Minister doing about it - promising punishment of the 'rioters' but totally failing , together with the opposition to try to understand the climate that has caused this attitude of 'bloody-mindedness' of destroy or rob .

We have through the actions of those who should have set an example but greedily didn't, now got to put decency back into the minds of those who see a reason to have no faith in politicians and big business.

May I suggest a possible solution

First bring in new and far stronger laws against bank pay-offs and pay-outs, second a law which forces banks to help small businesses which are well run but underfunded . Third incentives to work - not forcing genuine invalid's to take unfair tests . Fourth Bring the offshore jobs back to the UK . Fifth stop being the patsy to the EU start telling the EU what we want - not following it and sticking to all the EU rules whilst certain European countries bend these rules. Bring the manufacturing base - and jobs - back to the UK. Even if we have to pay more for some goods if it means better employment and a stronger economy, its good if taxation can be reduced.




Have you noticed there seem to be less and less of these insects in some areas of England , also not so many birds - this worries me because we need these creatures - are we putting more harmful chemicals in the air? is the build-build houses-houses government policy resulting in less habitat, less open land, less flowers to pollinate so less of the bees, insects, birds - are we going just too far? and will our badly sighted order of precedence (man above all else) one day result in our air being dangerously polluted - but our not knowing because the very animals who are the living indicators of our well being, have, through our thoughtless policy been eliminated.


Tuesday 2nd August 2011

The late Queen Mum But not everyone likes stout!
I still think had they taken Her Majesty into a real Irish pub (not what looked like a bank) to offer her that Guinness - like they did O'bama, Liz Mountbatten-Windsor might well have had a sip or two and certainly prince hubby would. Although I've heard he was a mild (ale) and bitter (beer) man.
One can't help thinking; coming so soon after The Queen's four day visit, Mr Obama was jumping on the band-wagon perhaps a little cheekily.
That reminds me my great-great grandfather was born near Exeter, Devon - must go back and drink to him with a pint of cyder.

May 10th 2011

AV or Not it was a self-inflicted electoral wound

May 5th wasn't so much a voters revolution in England - with many local councils 'changing hands' politically and the populus standing up proudly for change, reform and fairness - as those who could be bothered to turn out to vote (only 37% 'round here) simply taking what was in their naïve minds 'the easy way out' - no change from a 200 year out dated system of one lousy 'X' , it just seemed too complicated to these simple minded folk and might take a minute or two more to write 1 to 6 or 1 to 10 on a ballot form, so they voted (well a third did!) for leaving a very convenient (well to M.P's anyway) system, which in no way reflects public opinion, in place - God help us , no wonder we have a co-illusion government!

However, with Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland electing their national assemblies using Proportional Representation surely England can't continue without its own national assembly - elected fairly - for much longer .....

13th April 2011

Whose 'Doctoring the figures' - whose 'Cooking the books' now - David, Nick, George

Come on what a complete porky-pie to say food prices in UK are actually going down - and what 'convenient' timing, as for that '4%' its not a real reduction its a reduction in the rate of inflation - in real English its a very slight slowing down of the increases - maybe if these gentlemen of government occasionally did the weekly (or more) shop they'd learn how prices if averaged out are going up and up , maybe if they (ever) looked at their gas and electric etc. bills they'd see increases regularly passed-on to brassed-off families, couples and single folks - many on fixed pensions or struggling alone to pay rent and mortgages. So next time you have a stage-managed visit to Tesco David try to consider the ordinary people , next time you raise your hand to deny questioners Nick try instead to answer , and next time you apply that supercilious smile George try to imagine the poor single parents balancing their budgets not in £Ms but in £s and pence!

If we must have cuts -lets have them in real prices too!

March 27th 2011

After decades , a World War , a 'cold' war; after being the voice of truth to the world, a mean-minded co-illusion government does what the Nazis or Reds failed to do - closes the BBC international radio service ...........

'Auntie' BBC's last roar

As The BBC sets in the East and the 'Blue Meanies' also make sure Auntie's only really popular 'digital' radio station becomes truly unknown I ask why the BBC Trust members are quite obviously having a 'larf' at their listeners and license payers .

The well dressed and unelected BBC Trust members get the job through the 'establishment' - not through election , they obviously consider themselves gods as any critisism is ignored and they pay staff to write condescending letters to the peasants who dare to point a finger; recently out of spite of the Foreign Office for withdrawing funding to the BBC World Service, the BBC paid out £1000's in redundancy and began a close down (which also costs a lot in run-down and storage fees) a significant number of shortwave transmitters and the main medium wave transmitter to Europe.

Remember, this was the broadcasting organisation with the motto 'Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation' !

At home some clever over paid executives had the 'bright idea' of re-naming the BBC's most popular (only popular to be more accurate) 'digital' sound station - known for years as simply BBC 7 until some one realised the name 'radio' was perhaps good for a radio station (the knees jerk well at BBC!!) ok so for over a year its been distinctive, had a good 'core' audience' and that because it actually gave '7' listeners what they wanted and that's rare at the BBC.

So some rather stupid but posh 'office speak' talking - you know the kind 'rolling-out' 'making-over' and 'focusing' decided, together with his or her(?) clever chums - (the same 'breed' that turned the Light Programme , Home Service and Third Programme into the far more 'descriptive and imaginatively named' Radio 2, Radio 4, Radio 3)" lets call Radio 7" (mumbles of 'whats radio?' and 'whats se-ven') -" lets call radio seven radio 4 extra - you know so that the radio 4 listeners think its as boring as that station and as its only on 'Dead And Buried' even the '7' listeners will turn off!" Whoopy!!!

And for this the Government take from me and millions £140 a week and give it all to the BBC!



Why I really have no time to tweet or mess around on facebook

back in the 'bad' old days when AOL chat rooms were the place, then Yahoo - before the rot set in on the Internet,, worms on toast, spywear (ok Spyware) was what 007 once wore - every good thing invented by mankind has been variously buggered up by mankind to make money or corrupt in some other way . The old saying meaning commit adultery in the next town - not in your own was 'don't s**t on your own doorstep' - but of cause on the Internet the trail home is only too easy to spot!

In the UK , shortly in Australia and Europe we are about to make it illegal for manufacturers names to appear on fag (cigarette) packets in the hope that the resultant confusion will put smokers off buying the damn things - what male bovine excrement (not allowed to say bullshit on a 'G' rated web site).

The next stupid idea will be booze bottles or tinies with simply 'beer' 'gin' 'whisky' etc, but no brand name on to stop us getting p***ed - governments are no fun anymore!


The recent terrible floods, then hurricane in Queensland followed by earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand brought home to us, even sitting comfortably in cold but perhaps more climatically stable England, the fact that with the best scientific aids to mankind the finest constructive principles and strongest societies - nature's power is often beyond any form of control.

The disastrous events of the tsunami and its resulting destruction to the north of Japan asks the most of the character of the civilian peoples of that country yet while the media wrings out all news value from the story, claiming such headlines as chaos, terror - the Japanese, like the Australians, like the South Islanders of New Zealand are not panicking, they are working to put things right.

God bless those in canoes rescuing folks in Melbourne, God bless the people digging out the injured in Christchurch, N.Z. and God bless the helecopter pilots and crew working to save the nuclear plant at Fukushima Daiichi , about 150 miles north of Tokyo.


19th February 2011

So the Pendulum Swings .....

I recall how in the 40's 50's and 60's the United States hadn't a good word for the Soviet Union or the Chinese Peoples Republic , Mr Khrushchev and Mao Tse Tung according to 'Uncle Sam' were leaders of fasist regimes because after the Nazis came the Reds and one was as bad as the other, so Washington felt at the time 'the only good red is a dead red', indeed having been a member at all of the Communist Party prevented one making home in America and whilst one might just get to visit, it was known ones activities might be watched. Nikita Khrushchev

Well ok the Soviet Union is no more, in fact half of the then Unified Soviet States which existed together reasonably well are now at each others national throats the other half are so busy flag waving they don't see their economies disapearing down the pipe.

China remains Communist but the new China allows millionaires as well as the poor and because the workers do longer hours for a lot less than an American a UK worker or a Japanese the cost of the electronic goods, knitwear, plastic goods etc is lower out of the factory gate, the wholesalers and retailers mark-ups much lower , whilst still making a fair profit and that means the Chinese export market clears the decks of US and UK home produced much higher priced but not nessessarily better equivalents . Mao Tse Tung

The Chinese are clever people and one has to admire them, Mao is long gone and they know to beat capitalism one first takes it over, then when all the lazy rich countries are depending on your low profit margins to do the work for them, you up the prices so to get the same Shoes, DVD Recorders, pc circuit boards and hankies (plus 1000 other items!) these folks in the west have to pay much more and because by this time the factories in Milwaukie and Bolton are closed , pulled down and houses built there the bloated capitalists are as we say in Surbiton , buggered!

19th January 2011

I Give the Co-illusion Government 2 years - No More !

Even before we (the poor tax payer) paid-off the banks debts to our own loss we didn't 'have it so good' mainly because our petrol, gas and electricity was one of the dearest, but as VAT was an acceptable 17.5% it didn't seem too bad . Now we are told it'll get worse though the 'little piggies in their clean white shirts' (quote John Lennon) are still at their bank bonus troughs with no visible control by the UK government despite the (empty) threats of the Deputy Prime Minister .

When normal , ordinary peoples lives become more and more miserable 'in the national interest' even the most tolerant people say sod it we're not standing for it and even the placid English can have it too poor. We are told the ministers are making 'hard decisions' - but their salary increases are going ahead - what bloody hypocrisy.

No matter how big a debt Gordon Brown left, I predict the people will have had enough of David and Nick's double standards by 2013.

23rd December 2010

BBC Buffoons choose no radio for Scotland!

So that a minority Gaelic language TV station is available on digital terrestrial (itself suffering blank spots) in Scotland the BBC 'Trust' (surely a misnomer) have in the 'listeners best interest' (!?)chosen that no BBC radio will be available using the Freeview system. The BBC are pushing , in rather sickening and inaccurate commercials for the innocuous and unwanted system DAB all over the UK (including Scotland!), so the seemingly contradictory approach by 'Auntie' continues whilst in honest reality surely even Sir Michael knows AM radio (on Long Wave, Medium Wave and Short Wave) and FM radio (on VHF) are the only sensible choices.

The BBC has spent many £thousands of (TV) license payers money on minority DAB radio which has signally (in more ways than one) failed - the BBC continues to spend on it and tells untruths about the 'loads of stations' on DAB - which in some areas is less than 50 in total (BBC and commercial ) - compared to the hundreds on AM and FM - its wasting our money.

If perhaps the BBC took the brave and sensible course of closing up the DAB (Dead And Buried ?) outlets then ALBA TV the Gaelic station in Scotland and Sianel Pedwa Cymru the Welsh language TV station could have proper funding. But Sir Michael and his 'Trust' would rather not admit that DAB has failed - shops push the sets then wait for returns from customers who find ' batteries cost a fortune' (these set's circuitry uses much more electricity than AM/FM radios) 'stations disappear when the set's moved' (if the bit-stream is blocked even by a wall the signal ends) ' the sound qualities crap' (low bit rates are used to get more channels in, therefore sacrificing sound quality) - hardly a sign of a 'better way to listen'.

7th December 2010


Hear no 'evil' , see no 'evil' .... now comes the gag

I can thoroughly understand that it's really embarrassing for governments and leaders of governments to have the truth revealed about what lies (pun?) behind the sickly smiles of our 'leaders' at international conference photo calls when they appear to be physically standing together when in truth they are minds apart in a multitude of ways , Wikileaks may or may not be breaking the rules telling it like it apparently really is but it does seem to me the UK police will be playing political patsy to compromise themselves on a Euro-arrest charge beamed, I can only guess from Washington D.C. conveniently accusing the boss of Wikileaks 'on sexual assault charges' - obviously once he's locked-up (innocent or guilty) then his Internet site can be taken down (legally or otherwise) and no more nasty - but perhaps true - information be given to the public - I mean we don't want us ordinary tax payers and voters knowing what's going on 'behind closed doors' in Whitehall, Washington or wherever do we !


Sunday 13th November 2010


The Millbank 'event' I think was 'engineered' not by a rather 'brown nosing' Students Union or New Labour in permanent opposition but by those whom have a far more likely 'vested interest' - those who want to take attention away from banks and bankers whose bailing out by the last government really are responsible for the cuts in payement to unemployed , restrictions on spending on everything from care of the elderly to defense of our country!

So why does this co-illision government not jump on the banks - make bankers bonuses , still being paid out, illegal at least untill we , the UK are back in the 'black' - why don't they set an example to the so called 'work shy' that those who cost the country will pay and damned hard for it.

Well, it's Cameron's and Clegg's own 'ruling class' and it wouldn't do to upset mates -rather better wring your hands look serious and tell us simple ordinary sods I'm sorry but this will hurt you much more than me and my dinner guests.

And don't think Mr Brown would be any different - it was his government that after the bankers gigantic cock-up and 'request' (not plea) for help said how much do you want of public money -write your own cheque !


It's been suggested the de-commisioning of H.M.S. Ark Royal three years early to 'save money' will actually cost more over the three years and the gaps in coverage of its aircraft , others cancelled , will leave the UK's defense in a very poor position because the MoD is being squeezed at quite the wrong time - our overseas commitments are increasing not decreasing and common sense would tell any Chancellor (finance minister) that unless the Frence - UK paly paly agreement means we can borrow Frence ships , planes and tanks we are going to be well and truely in the merde.

Any Questions set-up Radio 4 (BBC)

No sir, when I listen to well saleried people pontificating about those who want money but don't want to work for it I wonder how much these invidual commenters on society are claiming as expenses , how much of their work they are passing onto lesser paid assistants and secretaries to do and why they are sitting in a radio/tv studio when they should be doing real work themselves not playing God!

11th September 2010


INLAND REVENUE as a separate government department, worked for decades on UKs income taxes without anything like such a cock-up but now the combined tax and duty department H.M.Revenue & Customs - the government of the day love to waste money on new headed writing paper new web sites and buildings / door signs - that in itself cost £1000's of tax payers money - now with its new name new chief, HMRC (sounds like the name of a foreign bank) has made a colosal blunder where 1000's of tax payers have been over charged and some under charged which should mean the head rolls of the chief executive officer but he even refuses to apologise -

where the hell do the 'powers that be' get these morons?


It seems ironic that while the coillusion government are busy cutting back on public spending , benefits and help to local councils to keep council taxes down, the same government are doing nothing to tell the banks who received millions of tax payers money and who in the first place caused the financial mess these cuts are being put into being to try to put straight, to play the game with customers .

If this government had any b*lls it would come down like a ton of bricks on the banks and financial houses and it certainly wouldn't cut benefits .

2nd August 2010


Passed by various EU committees, the Australian house of Representatives , US government departments (FCC etc,) - all on the 'nod', the UK government's watchdog puppet Ofcom - though never properly tested. But perhaps there are no risks, like the RMS 'Titanic', perhaps those with heart pacemakers who fear their life defending devices may be affected (evidence is available) are simply grumblers against progress, maybe its a myth that radio communications (including emergency services) may be blocked or seriously hampered by radiated broadband bit-stream from overhead power lines and even house wiring

- surely wired conventional broadband or WiFi if you must, but for Gods sake lets not risk lives just to make the Internet over-ride all common sense.

Wed 21st July 2010


From my understanding there is a team who reply (in theory at least) to emails from electors/tax payers to the Prime Minister of the British (UK) parliament, ok 'he' or they can't agree to act on many requests, suggestions or demands - but surely the electorate deserve at least acknowledgment - has co-illusion power gone to our David's head or has his office manager become lazy?

17th July 2010

Is stupidity winning the terrorists war for them?


In a very cheeky official request from the US Government to the former UK and other EU governments Washington requested, 4 months ago, what ammounted to blanket authority to investigate all bank transfers between EU citizens and those of countries outside the EU , the information to be made freely available to the US government . Excuse 'Anti-Terrorism'. No reciprocal arangement was offered or given.

In a 'brown-nosing' deal to top all others the UK government agreed ! so did other governments of EU countries so it went to the EU parliament for what Whitehall , Berlin, Paris, Warsaw etc, assumed would be the rubber stamp - no rubber stamp and much argument, however 'safegards' added to the still very one-sided deal of our personal infomation on our banking and personal finance were beleive it or not actually agreed.!!

So next time you need to know whats in your bank or especially what you've sent to Australia, Canada etc, dont bother phoning your bank branch, London or Brussels - just phone the Whitehouse or the Pentagon!

I used to beleive America stood for freedom, the right of privacy and respect for other nations rights, it obviously doesn't anymore.God save America!

8th June 2010

A Co-illusion Government

The Prime Minister says 'we're all going to suffer' but I suspect the rich will stay rich and those at the bottom - or those thinking to be at the bottom - will feel the tory/lib cuts the worst!

What of the army of well salaried and well pensioned civil servants in both central and local government , when and who will cut the waste ? in one local authority £1000's have recently allegedly been spent on IT communications equipment for the council itself who then decided to move elsewhere!

What of the junketing and foreign travel , conferences held abroad which could be held in the UK, top rate overnight hotel accommodation - not for ministers -but for local government officials and councillors.

What about such as Ofcom, making stupid decisions which might affect the survival of pacemaker wearers , simply to suit industry. Ofcom, like many quangos the result of 'privatization' by Maggie T (which, to give her some fair credit, she honestly believed would really benefit the customers better than nationalised monopolies) are simply now rubber stamp mobs and a vast waste of public money, offsetting any advantages of private versus nationalised industries - not watching over the customers interests at all.

Anyone who has dealt with any of these mobs will I'm sure agree that Ofgas the Post Office Users Council, the Local Government Ombudsman etc, etc. are hardly champions of the public good - more the interest of the industry and its profits. Remember when the General Post Office (old name for Royal Mail Ltd/ Post Office Ltd) also ran all the phones and came directly under the Post Master General (a government cabinet position then) the Minister of Media, or whatever his title is this week, is a minor cog now.

Is the David/Nick set-up going to have the 'balls' to increase tax on the super rich and the giant companies, supported by banks propped up by the same tax payers David/Nick are going to make life hell for?

Is all the reference David Cameron claims he wants to make to the people of the UK eyewash or will he listen and act when we ordinary folk say 'take from he who hath and give to he that hath not'.


I make no apologies for my 'unpolitical' language - others use far stronger .



May 26th 2010

Dead And Buried RADIO

In the latest crack-pot attempt to get people in the UK to accept the rather stupid view of the 'all things digital' broadcasting loonies it seems after the (only partial) success of the car scrapage scheme - an attempt to crush on-mass as many cars as possible and flog off car dealers otherwise rusting as unsold stock - the consumer electronic stores [ its no longer politically correct to call them radio & TV shops!] in the forlorn hope naïve folk will hand over their daily used reliable and efficient AM/FM (or long wave to vhf) analogue radio with bands full of stations from all over the UK and Europe in exchange for about 15% off the price of a Digital Audio Broadcasting receiver (average price £40) offering a magnificent 'choice' of an average 40 stations (from a local 'multiplex') - if you're lucky - actually poorer quality sound and your programme likely to suddenly be lost (not simply fade) should you move from the lounge to the kitchen with the receiver!

NO FOLKS STEER CLEAR OF THIS DEAL it's not worth a candle, especially as the DAB system used at present is obsolete and any other country daft enough to take on digital radio at least uses an improved and incompatible DAB+ system - so these Dead And Buried radios are literally just that!

Following is a letter submitted to the British DX Club by a member, the monitors of the club declined publication but I think it deserves publication here:

Seriously, I'm glad in a way the 'Mail has given this stupid idea 'air'- of cause the scheme will get 'some' support but the back-lash might well cause Currys etc, (remember when they gave up selling VHS recorders far too early) to re-think when DAB sets are returned with reception complaints.

Here's another point , many AM/FM analogue radios of the production period 1950's to 1990's are repairable but few modern sets, by the nature of construction are - so the whole set is scraped , minced up - can't even be incinerated because of toxic smoke and plastic doesn't break down in landfill. So why doesn't the UK government promote more repairable manufacture? - well because there's no money in it and those hypocrites in the DAB lobby at parliament going for 'Digital Britain' (sic) would sooner have loads of imported (from China of cause) sealed up slabs of unrepairable indesposable toxic plastic, that people might buy if told some tale of how clever it is on the basis of 'The Emperor's New Cloths', than have a tried tested and proven reliable quality sound radio system already in almost every home in the UK continue.

No , hang on to your working, completely reliable analogue radio - the weak skinned DAB bubble will burst as stations realise the financial folly of digital radio, FM and AM analogue will be there all over the world for many decades to come.

25th April 2010



Come off it, the United Kingdom general election is not and never will be a presidential election and thank God for that; The thought of any of the 'big 3' being Prime Minister (again) is bad enough; but those rather naïve new voters watching the so called 'debates' on TV with 'picked' audiences and questions already known by the presenter, who base their intended vote on how Nick, Gordon or David glibly talk of tax, social services, armed forces and fat-cat bankers must be taken for what it is -- 'window dressing' nothing more.

The vast majority of us in the UK (62 million) won't be voting for any of these three party leaders simply because they themselves only seek election in their particular constituencies - not nationally. So in fact if everyone who could vote for him - voted for him - Nick Clegg in the constituency of Sheffield,Hallam (Population in 2008 84,912) could at very maximum get 84,912 votes.

In the last general election 26,571 voted for David Cameron

23,710 voted for Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown got 24,278 with only half the registered voters in each of their constituencies bothering to vote!

The results of whom did best in these three TV 'debates' (one presented by ITV, one by SKY NEWS and one by BBC) is entirely bogus, as are opinion poles by politically biased newspapers - he who pays the pollster writes the questions asked of the total 1000 to 2000 people in large cities, not even towns, certainly not villages.

I asked my local newspaper if it would host one debate with the 7 candidates seeking election here - well I knew the answer would be based on cost and that's understandable.

So if you're in the UK reading this look at the figures - work it out for yourself then vote how YOU thinks right not how they try to con you into voting.

If you're not in the UK - be grateful.



Should it be Aildy Mail ?

Being unbiased politically is hardly the august morning publication The Daily Mail's forte, indeed it would seem suddenly the already stamped blue lettering, as like Blackpool rock (the pink stick variety) TORY contributors have, since a non-conservative two-party government became not simply possible but very likely, claimed all is wrong with Gordon of the Labourers and Nick de Liberal Democratique but the sun radiates from a trouser covered orifice of Cameron the mighty wonderful

no not him....

However, with the Mail's keenness to put us right on the bad guys and the good Conservative guy of our UK general election they, the 'Mail, made a blunder themselves - YES!

They are currently giving away free gratis with each copy of The Daily and Sunday Mail the series of TV documentary WORLD WAR IN COLOUR a splendid series well worth collecting as have been past free DVDs from The 'Mail.

However the first Disc of the 13 series telling the story of 'The Gathering Storm' Mr. Chamberlain and Munich - well the sleeve was right, the disc printing ok, but the recorded contents ..... 'Hitler Strikes East' (disc 4) about 1941and the Nazi invasion of Russia.

"What happened to the London Blitz and Battle of Britain Dad?"

"Well David Camaron after being made a Saint.........

Thursday April 15th 2010


In England we put our various waste items , plastics, paper, kitchen waste, garden waste (no not human waste!) into bags of differing colours so on the relevant, local council facilitated collection day we may contribute to the policy, all fine and good, of recycling rather than using up more basic production materials on new containers etc, and filling garbage dumps. Admirable you may say, but at the same time the same councils are allowing green land , despite the politicians promises, to be used for buildings whilst derelict buildings stand rotting and cleared former 'brown', formerly built-on land remains unused - this obvious contradiction continues unchecked -




(Well, If The Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury can do it, so can I)

'Oh to be in England now that April's there .....' Robert Browning wrote that in a probably much warmer, sunnier Florence (Italy) - well he wouldn't fancy the chilly, grey skies, rain and wind that we , at least in my part of this poor buggered old country, must at present suffer. In a few weeks some of us will perhaps waste our time voting for a group of people whose general reputation has never been lower for the money they 'earn' the money, some of them claim in obscene expenses and the doubtful 'work' they do in representing we , the people. We have a procrastiny not a democracy. Even the UK parliamentary election system, long out of date and totally unrepresentative goes against a fair and responsible division of the House of Commons; But it seems only one political party offers a change - subject to a committee report which can or cannot be accepted if the then Prime Minister sees fit!

Of cause many people will turn out to vote in May (or June) but will it be at all worth it? - reading the policies of the three main parties definitely not, a more out of touch gaggle one couldn't get, in no way reflective of the views of the common man - oh sorry, human (at least that's politically correct!)

22nd March 2010

THE GREAT 'Digital Britain' RADIO CON!

In a recent reply to a rather badly worded petition against the proposed switch-off of analogue (that's Long wave,Medium wave, Shortwave and FM/VHF) radio in the UK - land-fill of millions of working radio sets was skirted-round, listening to overseas radio was dealt with by suggesting using the Internet (severely restricted already by streaming copyright issues which up to now normal international radio has handled amicably) and a suggestion was made that set-top boxes similar to those used for satellite, cable and terrestrial digital TV could be used with existing radio sets (a completely bogus idea as unlike TVs no radios (portable or unit stereo) built in the last 40 years for ordinary home have any means of plugging in such devices even if their circuit design allowed!

The petition was hurriedly and badly worded obviously not by anyone of either a legal or technical ability - it may have even been designed to fail it was so badly written - but it did, by the response, indicate No. 10 Downing Street has no real idea about DAB and how a 'Digital Britain' would function, as far from giving practical answers the Prime Ministers office showed it and the rest of the government had been well and truly conned by a desperate radio industry, or more accurately import trade, who would say anything to try to convince the listening public black really was white to sell poor quality sound and a very limited range of stations compared to the present.

If the Conservatives are elected in June no-doubt they will be no better , though it does seem the Liberal Democrats are, on this subject, better informed on the severe failings of DAB and DAB+ which the government and digital lobby are not telling the public will render even present DAB sets silent !


26th February 2010

BBC Website extract

Siting on the handlebars and steering with the saddle!

Only possibly two months from a general election the BBC (Bad, Bald and Corrupt ?), on Thursday 11th March, are planning to have one of its flagship political programmes 'Question Time' on BBC1 - or BBCone as they prefer since ITV1 began - a women only audience programme (God forbid a men only show) - if this doesn't contravene the 1975 Sex Discrimination Act (Section 3) nothing does - but surely this is really crap timing by BBC TV - what are the big boys and girls on high salaries thinking about, will the next idea be all 'blacks/coloured folk or all Moslems or Rabbis?

Surely such giant Organisations should be promoting nondiscrimination and an unbiased society - according to the BBC's charter - rather than a slanted angled approach.

We are forced to pay over £130 a year license for such stupid decision making.

Perhaps it's time the Government of the UK abolished both the big headed BBC and the 'one size fits all' ITV if they can't do better than this.

20th January 2010



Only a few days ago the Directors, obviously as sincere as bankers giving their obscene bonuses to the poor, said 'thank you' to the patriotic movement to keep Cadbury's British - now they sell out to the biggest offer !

I don't blame Kraft for wanting Cadbury's; a failing firm wanting a successful one - even if they (Kraft) have to borrow heavily to buy it.

I do feel that the picture of yet another UK company becoming owned by overseas interests is sickening .

What will happen if/when Kraft have company problems, will they save British jobs and sacrifice US jobs - will they hell!

The British Government should now stop any more British UK firms being bought by 'foreigners' be they EU or not.

Time to say 'thats all folks!' - before nothing's left.


7th December 2009


The fat-cat bankers shocked whiter than their white shirts by the very thought that their pig-at-the-trough bonuses paid out by banks recently bailed-out by the tax payer (to save these banks going under) because these bloated corporations couldn't even speculate to accumulate without cocking it all up.


We now hear from the various pals in high places of these 'bankers' that if the UK government start taxing the obscenely well paid at a far higher rate that these 'bankers' will waddle off to Switzerland or Hong Kong - we are told these 'quality hard workers' , whose skills nearly ruined our country and caused many firms to close must be overpaid so as to 'retain their invaluable services'

smell of excrement from male uncastrated cattle !


the UK doesn't need or want them!


4th Oct 2009



We have millions of human beings coloured pinky white, olive , brown and darker brown and if you're from Nigeria you might be actually black skinned but apart from the colour of your skin you have all the bits of body parts as anyone else be they pinky white , brown or olive skinned - you are no worse or better simply because your skin colour's different .

You can be a Scientist, Surgeon or build cars or drive a bus or taxi etc.

I'm not proud of being pinky white but I am proud of being English though our national history like that of other countries has periods we'd like to forget.

One day, once we learn to be one race - the human race - not 'white' not 'black' - then we'll start celebrating people for what they did for the world - not because of their skin colour.



Yet again the truth has been demonstrated that the United Kingdom's so-called 'Watchdogs', quangos set up in the 70's to allegedly ensure fairness to consumers of the products of the former nationalised supply industries (gas, electricity,water,railways etc.) privatised (publicly owned companies sold off often originally at a loss to fat-cat commercial interest to make those fat cats fatter) by the then Conservative government (led by Maggie Thatcher), are a waste of public money because they can't help the consumer and are useless and should either be given more power so they can operate properly or abolished.

Recently in Britain we were told by the gas suppliers though the cost of gas to them had gone down this reduction would not be passed fairly to their customers in fact so called 'British Gas' said there may well be increases in their customers bills !

What's the industry watchdog doing to fight this? - sod all.





Well the French have 'taken into captivity' the people from various countries camped outside Calais in 'The Jungle' as these people called it . I have sympathy for anyone living in a country that is at war through politics which these ordinary folks never wanted , in that respect I thank God I live in England.

Now these folks escaped from these warring places to peaceful France but now the Europeans are talking of the UK taking so many - we are a great country but small geographically, we simply can not keep taking foreigners not because of race or colour but simple logic - we haven't the room we haven't the jobs we cant keep building houses until the country is one bloody big town.

There are vast parts of the world - the free peaceful world - which if properly supplied and serviced with the correct infrastructure would no longer be icy wastes, deserts or wilderness and could be made a good safe home for those desperate enough to live in 'The Jungle' .

With reasoned international help , all countries - not just putting the begging bowl out to the USA - we can deliver people out of hell into happiness.

7th September 2009

Studying, passing GCSEs Training --- for the dole
A week or so ago school 'students' (sounds more politically acceptable than pupil) were featured on local regional TV news congratulating themselves on their passes and when interviewed as to what they'll study at 'Uni' said things like social studies, archaeology, design studies .
Remember a bloke named Blair saying "Education, education, education"
On the principal of say it thrice it might make more impact that once!
But we also see on local TV news older teenage kids - uw sorry 'young adults' outside Job Centres where they are fed up with not getting interviews let alone real jobs. These people having worked at school now find they can't even get the work experience (in real jobs - not notional) that is essential for them to stand up for themselves and make proud citizens on a decently earned wage/salary rather than a possible state unemployment benefit.
To hell with the 'passes' on paper let's match kids to proper jobs - give them a future in the real world as workers not simply pointless exam sitters.

Leave the NHS alone - no improve it!
Bringing in 'Management Consultants' (God knows what their fee was) to suggest a seriously undermanned Health Service scraps many jobs simply reflects on the reality thinking (none it seems) of the management consultant company.
Remember (Lord) Beaching whose way of making British Railways more efficient was to close a hell of a lot of the stations - presumably had he closed ALL the stations in his mind BR would have become super efficient !
The National Health Service is something I as an Englishman born in 1947 am very proud of, that doesn't mean I don't criticise it but only in that it goes a bit wobbly at holidays - mainly because of shortages of staff, Doctors, Nurses and Ancillary staff. So if they want to cut manning have a go at the army of non-medical pen-pushers which is the result of too much government interference since Maggie Thatcher said - in those splendidly patronising tones - in the 70's " The National Health Service is safe in our hands" having done her best to promote private hospitals etc .
Of cause she was a politician - who believes them????

Mr Obama

has assured his countrymen that his Health Service will certainly not be based on the UK or Canadian models - well sincere good luck to him and I hope those middle class Americans waving placards saying 'Kill The Bill' (surely a rather bad choice of wording concerning a Health Bill) realise a system in the wealthiest nation in the world which makes people third class without private health insurance is next to a crime.
Perhaps if some of the military effort needed to 'police' such places as Iraq and Afghanistan and the concomitant vast expense , or some of it, was reduced and perhaps other countries made more contribution with tanks, weapons, personnel then the USA could use the money saved on it's own people - on the health of their children and elderly especially . Then instead of Americans having always to be at the 'sharp end' together with British troops they can return and look after the homeland and its people more.

in March 09


If someone tried to get it published as a story in a book it would be rejected as simply incredible

But the fact is the 'robber barons' and the poor peasants scraping to live - a tale of surely the middle ages not the 21st century - exists in all it's inequality and downright evil today, all over the UK, while people are cueing for a few jobs with little hope and only £60 a week lousy 'dole' whilst 'retiring' bankers are paid £millions after showing not magnificent ability to increase profit, but sickening inability to earn their 'daily bread' - let alone big bonuses - and presumably no clue of the job they were in , it's requirements or responsibilities!

The factory worker knows if he/she doesn't produce the amount of items it's 'get your coat on'

The sales assistants figures have to be above a certain level to make her/his services necessary.

But even though the person behind the bank counter has to do their job - it seems the real top executives can do nothing or worse for a nice salary, bonuses and a princely pension.

And especially in England they get no fraud charges, no orders from a government determined to see justice is done to the people whose incomes have been taken away without their fault, simply because the firm they worked for found even working costs funding was reduced by banks after the 'fat cat' banking executives had cocked it all up...

These men get knighthoods!

Mr Brown 'regrets' the unemployment but does nothing to assure those without work are not shown a picture of gross injustice where obscene amounts are paid out to a failed executive




BONUSES AND PENSIONS RETURNED - then maybe the poor sods, the small firms closing, the larger companies closing branches, the poor folks cueing in the hope of at least a minimum rate job can get an idea that Mr Brown does more than 'regrets'.

And this is supposed to be a Labour government

My God - not even the lousiest Tory could be so uncaring.


In February 2007 I wrote:

The United Kingdom a Democracy or a 'pink' Dictatorship?

It has become obvious, now that over 80% of so called 'independent' planning appeals are allowed where its houses v. countryside, that the British Government is biasing the so called 'independent' Inspectors and forcing them to go to far too great pains to defend acceptance of the objections of both local councils and local people , regardless of politics, to the despoliation and then total destruction of countryside.

This present government is totally ignorant and chooses to stay that way, of local peoples feelings, pushing through their planning policies and dictating a vile urbanisation . Why else would they even suggest that 'developers' could put in planning applications for building in existing peoples gardens!!

Hitler tried very hard to destroy the Jews , in the same way it seems some sick idea within the 'New Labour party' (no possible relation to the former decent Labour Party ) is to replace our beautiful countryside with ludicrously priced houses. Is the present governing party of Britain funded secretly and conditionally by a group of so called 'developers' .

Is money for honours only the tip of the iceberg?

What other reason is there for such obviously corrupt politics ?




'LABOUR' GOVERNMENT and the widening incomes gap .............

In the UK the fat cats of big business, that is those which aren't owned now by the Germans, French, Japanese and oh I forgot - the Yanks , the really splendid pucka British chaps whose salaries monthly equal what most earn in a year or five and who stand to get a seat in the House of Lords - if it's not abolished by these damn 'Labour' (????) government chaps guys or whatever to pay for the obscene rises M.Ps are awarding themselves next year - well with at least two homes to pay for and having to attend the 'House' ( Commons, that is ) at least once a week - that's when the 'House' is in session of course (about 6 months in 12) they need it poor b...

no I mustn't insult their parents.

Personally, I wouldn't pass water on a British Member (male or otherwise) of Parliament if he or she were on fire but I would reprimand the person who set fire to the member - well it might spread to a human being.

With the prospect of the United Kingdom being faced with the replacing of a Prime Minister who toadies to George W' supporting his every whim it seems and volunteering British troops without question in some of the bloodiest theatres of war (with or without essential body armour), with yet another Scottish born leader who refuses England a parliament whilst begging Northern Ireland's factions to kiss and be friends so they can at last have their 'national' assembly, one wonders just how on one hand 'blind' and on the other devious the leader of the British Government can be.

Looking back on john Major calling members of his cabinet 'bastards'

Maggie Thatcher falling out with her Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary

Jim Callaghan paddling in the sea with Jimmy Carter

Harold Wilson's famous smoke screens (in both respects, wonder what tobacco he smoked)

Sir Edward Heath : A Tory Prime Minister whose replacement came to be deeply regretted by Trade Union members!

Ted Heath's 'action not words'

we seem to be going from bad to worse.


and in November 2006:


When London won the opportunity to stage the 2012 Olympics it seems the British Government straight away shelved many community projects based on regional need especially in the under represented area of the United Kingdom called England , community centres, wildlife centres , public parks badly in need of funding will now be ignored as the public pocket is raided for the Billions of £'s required to build the massive structures which in many cases will have little or no use after this prestige event. Open countryside will be swallowed up for car parks with local planning conditions swept aside and objections overturned by D.o.E (Deputy Prime Ministers Office) Inspectors giving firm briefs to 'oil the wheels'.

All this and much more, including far heavier local taxes particularly in London, will be done to achieve what ?

Will SPORT ENGLAND be given powers to tell developers in England to provide local recreation facilities , will town councils throughout the U.K. be told to require proper space, funding and facilities from 'developers' even before their applications go in so as to encourage youth and future generations to train to become champions for England, Scotland , Wales and Ulster - Will the public (of all ages) really benefit ? NO , NOTHING LIKE THAT




August 2006:


Remember when in the U.K. we had the BBC Home Service, Light Programme and Third Programme in the 1950's, then in the 70's they became Radio 4, Radio 2, Radio 3 and a new Labour government after making the very popular off-shore pirate stations illegal under a hurriedly concocted and forced through Act of Parliament in 1967 rather coerced a Pop music channel onto the BBC when Prime Minister Harold Wilson realised the true strength of feeling a new generation of voters had against the action of his government , but Radio 1 (such titles as 1,2, 3 hardly show imagination) never captured the following the seagoing stations had .

The Home Service was 'regional' i.e. The Midland Home Service, The Scottish Home Service, The London Home Service etc., spoken word, plays ,but some music programmes , comedies etc.,. The Light Programme was devoted to light music and light entertainment, The Third Programme - later renamed Network Three- was for classical music and classic drama.It was later that the BBC introduced Radio5 (later re-born as '5Live') this station began to build a listener base for itself broadcasting such classic radio as 'The Black Museum' , 'Dragnet' and other dramas of the 40's and 50's and as Radio 5 was on AM Medium Wave one could enjoy the 'mellow bellow' of a wireless set of the 50's producing a 50's radio programme .

However, this didn't please the new boys at the BBC who in a sudden re-vamp removed all the classic drama and in it's place put phone-ins on some of the silliest subjects and football and news and more football and repeated news presumably aimed at the BBC's favourite age group the 20s and 30's .

More recently yet more government meddling in order to sell off to the highest bidder broadcast waveband spectrum has forced the British public to invest in digital television with the aim to free up for yet another 'nice little earner' the UHF bands 4 and 5 vacated by 2012 by the present television (both BBC and advertising funded ITV).

Another innovation is Digital Audio Broadcasting which is radiated on the VHF band 2 (formerly used right up to the 80's by ITV when it was an AM transmission in black and white at 405 interlaced lines) at comparatively low power from the hundreds of mobile telephone masts. Unlike the high powered ITV transmissions DAB is distributed by commercial multiplex system .

Certain pushers of DAB reckon it's the proverbial 'cats pajamas' but DAB stations and transmissions are heavily subsidised in the case of the BBC by the license payer and in the case of commercial stations which deliberately run less advertising on DAB , by FM feeds.

Some whiz-kids in broadcasting even kid emselves DAB is 'popular' and juggle the sales figures to make it seem so. The truth is very different but if your job depends on it you'll say anything .

However, it seems the more people complain about compressed sound quality (in DABs case the bit rate 'stream') the quick-fire presentation by twenty/thirty somethings which can spoil the dramas by giving away the plot, and the almost constant music background on such as the BBC's originally named station BBC7 which after BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4 you might think was perhaps a TV station (?) as well as BBC6 maybe .

BBC7 could, if it wanted to wipe the floor even with the BBC's Radio 2 (formerly Light Programme), the most popular British radio station, if the link announcers didn't try so hard to ensure not even 5 seconds of 'dead air' and musick (I mean that spelling) constantly running as a backing track between and even during some programmes wasn't obviously considered essential , however BBC7 , which has no outlet on either FM or AM so is very limited technically, could be a real winner because it broadcasts some grade A comedy and drama from the golden age (40's to early 70's) of BBC radio. So it remains a minority audience station again because the people behind it are so blinded to the obvious limitations they won't even consider even an 'out of hours' FM or AM output.

Recently I emailed BBC7 about an over keen announcer who I considered perhaps gave just a little of the story away when introducing episodes of Paul Temple , Francis Durbridge's writer cum detective of the 50's. Instead of a reasoned reply taking in my criticisms they defiantly defended their presenter accepting no word of my views as appropriate. It seems this is now the general rule with 'Aunties people' now that they must have training in telling viewers and listeners to know their place and shut-up because one only has to listen to any so called feed back programme to be treated to not 'we understand your point we'll put things right' but 'we don't ever do wrong so sod off and just pay your compulsory license'


and ..... definition of a Podcast : a rather nasty secretion left by a Podperson ( see : 'Invasion Of The Body Snatchers' 1956 Allied Artists)

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY WE ( THE BRITISH) NEVER REFER TO 'OUR' GOVERNMENT (even accepting it's title is officially Her Majesties Government)

One only has to see the expression on our Queens face as she opens a new session of Parliament and reads out the speech prepared by the Prime Ministers office, listing all the wonderful things in store for this tight little island, to see how little pride and how much despairing acceptance she , on behalf of her people, really has in the governing parties' policies (regardless of colour).

THAT'S WHY , WE THE PEOPLE ( HEARD THAT SOMEWHERE BEFORE ) PREFER TO CALL IT 'THE GOVERNMENT' as an entity quite separate and in no terms part of ourselves our loved ones, wives and relatives.

Summer 2006:


Jack Warner as P.C. George Dixon was killed in 'The Blue Lamp' (Ealing Films 1949) but brought back to life on BBC TV from the 50's to 70's in 'Dixon of Dock Green' - he was in his 70's by the time 'Dixon' ended (by then Sgt. Dixon) - oldest Copper ever !!

Just how bloody stupid (sorry but it's the only repeatable phrase to use) can the British Government get suggesting Identification Cards will 'cut crime' - does the UK Home Secretary really believe there will be no attempt to forge ID cards ? to every way of making them 'secure' technically there will be a way of beating it and forcing anyone renewing their so called 'British' passport to pay at least £100 more for a card no realistic person believes is worth a 'hill of beans' as well as the cost of millions taken in tax is an act of pure stupid waste.

If the Home Secretary still sincerely wants to make England and the rest of the United Kingdom ,a happier, safer and better place he'd better spend those millions on bringing back the traditional 'bobby on the beat' and leaving super regional forces in the department it deserves - in the bin. What is the best thing is not a computerised out of touch police service but quite the opposite a more localised force based in the local town with officers known locally and knowing the locality and the local people - yes, Bring Back George Dixon!

It seems that after spending a considerable amount of tax payers money - funds which could have been used to really help Constabularies where resources are low , the Government has realised what a bloody silly idea larger police areas would be and quietly scrapped yet another lame-brained plan - now before wasting yet more hard earned public money they should realise ID cards are an insult to decent people and an expense thoroughly unjustified in a proper democratic and free society

LATEST: Prior to being , as they say - rolled out nationally (Ukh!!), down in the South East of England Police are trying out a new device which 'reads' finger prints of motorists - if the print reading (obtained by placing two fingertips on reader glass apertures on the recording device) matches those on record presumably the person is then either a 'crim' and has his 'collar felt' as breathing without a license or similar, but should the prints not match a data base (? what data base?) they are presumably instantly told "Very sorry to have delayed you Mr Mouse and my regards to Minnie , mind 'ow you go"

I wonder if any certain government ministers have shares in the firms that make these big boys toys.

I have always thought it should be required that any Government Minister or senior Secretary of State have pertinent specialist qualifications i.e. Defense Minister a former Army,Navy, or RAF Officer , Home Secretary a senior Barrister, Telecommunications Minister a former Telecommunications Expert - in this way they are not misinformed and mislead by 'advisers' and can answer questions from personal knowledge not simply 'reading reports' .

My point on this is that these people's personal expertise would be considered essential in business or industry yet it seems the only essential qualification to being a senior decision making cabinet minister (regardless of party) is being a friend of the Prime Minister !


Philip Harben in the days when TV chefs wore ties!


Recently it seems both BBC and ITV here in the UK have been showing again some programmes and films (both British and from other English speaking countries) from the 1960's, which makes a change from the blood everywhere and 'f' word sprinkled stuff which this way cometh from the USA these days - whilst the powers that be 'protect' the kids from 'funny people' (as my Great Niece calls 'em) the same 'powers' allow all of us to be sickened by severed limbs and detectives that say 'f*****' sometimes before every (other) verb or noun . Come on , John Wayne only said 'bo**ocks' once (then in a British film!) and Henry Fonda 'f****' only twice (very quietly and as if pronouncing a foreign language).

So please can we get back to acting and films we can all watch.

1920's 'Graphophone'advert.

Don't fancy it's chances on that table!

Radio Luxembourg at 5-30pm every Sunday in the 1930's

It seems then children were allowed some years of real innocence - however a world war was coming .....

A few months ago the government told schools what to feed to kids (vegetables and fruit)

O.K. Perfectly correct and a right diet but .....

Now the government is saying how unprepared school leavers are for the 'world of work' - one wonders what jobs will be available the rate this same government is allowing whole industries to 'off - shore' .

it seems these 'young adults' (sic) pass the exams o.k. but can't equate this with the ordinary duties in an office, shop, factory, etc., - they can talk about doing it but can't actually carry out the operation!


When I look back to the 1960's when I left school (at 15) no qualifications no uni' no college other than day release from my full time job as Trainee Electrician. There was little problem in getting a job then it was based more on the application letter and interview than bits of paper or certificates and the greeting was not "got a job yet?" but "whe're you working?".

Common sense was a major qualification and even in mid-teens on £3.10s a week if you messed the job up you were simply told off the first time but told to get your coat on the second time. What you have to realise is I went to an ordinary Secondary High School (formerly Secondary Modern School) and the pupils were called pupils not students then. The children leaving our school and those leaving the girls equivalent about three quarters of a mile away who only officially met on school buses taking us out of the town to the villages 3 miles out, when these kids left school to begin 'the world of work' they were expected not to go into offices (unless they were factory offices) or become sales trainees but become carpenters, mechanics, industrial workers or maybe work for the mushrooming supermarket chains.

Industry, despite government, was booming and Made in England was the norm. not a novelty.

O.K. we had no home computers in fact few businesses had one and what was a question of removing a window and craning in a computer weighing a ton then today the same facility can be slipped in ones pocket!

TV was black and white and one or two channels if you lived in the right area. The combined radio/ TV license was £4 annually in 1963 by 1969 it was £6 a year. Average adult wage was £13 to £20 a week in 1965 though in industry £30 was usual.

Pubs opened at about 5-30 to 6pm and closed at 10-30pm sharp but a pint of bitter was 2/- or perhaps 2/6d (10p or 12p) 'shorts' about 4/- (20p) for single whisky or gin.


Test Card'C' used in Britain mainly in the 50's and60's

We in England had one channel (on VHF using 405 lines) in the early 50's by the mid 50's our first commercial channel , referred to by the public as ITA and by the end of the 60's we had three channels - 2 BBC (no adverts) and 1 ITA now all three in colour using (nearly) 625 lines on UHF.

O.K. now we have hundreds - but have we sacrificed quality for quantity?

TV has reached it's lowest with 'Big Brother' - radio with pop and inane chat - yet the broadcasters vaults are full of material many would love to get a chance to hear .

Sorry, but I honestly only pay my tv license because I'm forced too* (by the law of our so called democratic country) and the money is totally wasted.

* in the U.K. it's now illegal to own a TV without a license - even if the TV doesn't work !

ITV is it the END?

After decades of real independent television where Anglia TV (emblem a silver knight on horse back with banner) , ATV's 'eye' and other regional companies proudly showed and declared the region in the UK they covered came the 90's when talks went on to take over companies and form first two groups (*excluding Ulster TV only) the in this century the almost * complete single unit ITV - but now it seems the British public deserves nothing better than SKY-ITV as Mr Murdoch(Fox TV in USA) seeks to control commercial television in the UK totally (He'll get Ulster TV later) .

Meanwhile Sir Richard Branson (of Virgin Trains etc.), major share holder of NTL who recently failed to form an alliance with ITV, cries foul - I don't blame him though I suspect his reasons are hardly as a champion of public rights of choice.

If only ITV had stayed as it was before it got big headed and lost its regional pride, the knight and the 'eye' and Yorkshire TV playing a few bars of 'on ilckley moor ba' tat' and those splendid regional programmes and individual presentations - all change is not progress.



Oh please Mr Blair save us the pious preaching about us not producing so much rubbish - tell it to the manufacturers and marketers , bubble wrappers, foil container producers,electronics manufacturers, non-rewritable CD and DVD producers, synthetic cloth manufacturers , non-bio degradable car panel makers. We are even told the brown paper bags our fruit may be wrapped in at the market stall are not 'degradable. If you want to tax the polluters start at the importers not in our homes.

And Finally-

Podcasting, Digital Audio Broadcasting, The Internet , Means of storing hours and hours of television on one hard-drive (not tape or DVD) it all seems to be making life easier and more fun until the real cost of this implied 'freedom' is added up - each of these comparatively new technical miracles have one great restriction as well as cost in £'s $ € for the hardware and that is licensing through the various broadcast organisations, government departments, encoding systems, distribution networks or multiplexes at each stage of which material can be closely monitored and, if felt 'not acceptable' for publication, censored out. Those whiz-kids (of all ages) who support the changes and replacement of a technically perhaps less 'perfect' system by a strictly ordered and controlled system or systems should beware.

And we have the bald-faced cheek to invade other countries to 'give them democracy' !!!!!!!!!!!


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